Waterswarren Wish List


28th November 2014

SH CH Mompesson Cavendish x Waterswarren Worth A Tri

When seeking a suitable sire for Trinny's litter we had a clear view of the areas we wished to improve upon


Thankfully (although early days) we seem to have achieved our goal resulting in our new girl Coda being given the seal of approval and the decision made for her to stay


We are looking forward to lightly campaigning Coda and have our fingers crossed that the early promise she's showing will continue as she grows and matures

SH CH Mompesson Cavendish

Waterswarren Worth A Tri

SH CH Mompesson Royal Destiny

SH CH Mompesson Secret Whispers

SH CH Petranella Perfick Choice for Beresford

Waterswarren Whitewash

SH CH Mompesson Blinking Hell

SH CH Trimere Time to Remember from Mompesson

SH CH Calmolly Peter Piper

SH CH Mompesson Rumour Has It

SH CH Petranella Perfick

Petranella Tickle Me Fancy

SH CH Trimere Talking Point of Allenie

Trimere Tease N Please for Waterswarren

SH CH Mompesson Cher Delight

Clanach Crown Destiny (Imp Aus)

SH CH Mompesson Memory Lane

Telchanor Simple Simon

Clanach Crown Destny (Imp Aus)

Calmolly Aphrodite Dazzler

SH CH Mompesson Cher Delight

Granftonbury Navahoe at Dexbenella

Petranella Count Me In

AUS SH CH Nobhill Walk on Top at Melverly (Imp Swe)

SH CH Mompesson Royal Destiny

Petranella Maria Pia

SH CH Mompesson Royal Destiny

SH CH Trimere Time and Again

SH CH Trimere Tigra

Mompesson Flash Back from Amichien

Coda's Gallery