Waterswarren Waterlily


30th November 2014

Waterwarren Willy Wonka x Waterwarren Whitewash


Bringing Charlie and Millie together for a litter was the result of many years of planning so we were heartbroken at the four week scan to see some of the six puppies being reabsorbed.  Upon returning for a further scan it appeared only one viable puppy remained.  

From that moment I knew this puppy was extremely special.


On delivery it was clear that she wasn't going to be the star of the show ring as we'd hoped due to her markings.  It's a sad fact that in the UK many judges just can't see through colour a few even going so far as to say it's "unacceptable" or "non standard"!!!!


With this in mind (and due to my lack of space issues) she has spent her first years living with my dear friend Trudy to whom I will be forever indebted to.  She has been showed lightly doing very well indeed at the few shows she's attended.


She's now home to roost so to speak (which was always the plan) and we are thrilled and delighted.  Watch out for "that one with the white head" in 2018 as we plan to proudly show this beautiful quality bitch


SH CH Trimere Talking Point of Allenie

Waterswarren Whitewash

Waterswarren Willy Wonka

Cepen Changing Places with Waterswarren JW

Dexbenella Gracie May for Waterswarren

Trimere Tease N Please for Waterswarren

SH CH Trimere Trading Places with Sheledams

Stardom Silk and Satin at Graftonbury (Imp Swe)

Petranella Deal or No Deal

Graftonbury Delta Inuit at Dexbenella

SH CH Mompesson Royal Destiny

SH CH Trimere Time and Again

Aus Ch Nobhill Walk on Top at Melverly (Imp Swe)

Sh Ch Trimere Tigra

SH CH Mompesson Royal Destiny

SH CH Trimere Time and Again

Graftonbury Total Recall

Swe CH Stardom Ask Me Why

Sh Ch Petranella Perfick

Petranella Tickle Me Fancy

Mompesson Flask Back from Amichien

Calmolly Jemima Puddleduck

SH CH Mompesson Blinking Hell

SH CH Trimere Time to Remember from Mompesson

SH CH Shipden Chuck Berry

SH CH Aurorsky Gemini at Trimere

Dk Ch Wisborne Angus Og

Swe Ch Melverly Mystery Girl

SH CH Mompesson Royal Destiny

Sh Ch Trimere Tuscany