Our Breeding Policy

We are not a commercial kennel and as such will only have puppies available when we have breed a litter for ourselves in the hope of adding to our show team, developing our lines and improving the breed as a whole


Prior to mating both Sire and Dam will hold current eye certificates under the KC/BVA Eye Testing Scheme and be either DNA tested or genetically clear by parentage of any known inherited diseases within the breed


Our puppies are born in our home where they remain with their Mother for at least the first 4-5 weeks or until fully weaned.  They experience a "normal" household i.e. sounds, people, other pets, the hoover, the TV etc.... They then move to an outside kennel with their Mother to experience more of the outside world in readiness for moving to their new homes


Docking is now BANNED unless the puppy is to be a genuine working dog.  The fact that docked litters are still advertised to pet homes is something which we are strongly opposed to.  Our puppies will however have their front "dew" claws removed


We follow the breeding guidelines of the KC and as members of several ESS Breed Clubs are also governed by their breeding guidlines


A Waterswarren puppy comes with a lifetime guarantee  

We will guarantee to offer a home to any puppy bred or re-homed by us for life and are able to offer help and advice to our puppy owners for the lifetime of their puppy


If you wish to enquire regarding availibity please in the first instance e-mail us



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