Sunday 22nd November -

Today's show was tinged with sadness with the recent passing of two of the breeds prolific breeders and supporters.  Our thoughts go out to the families at this difficult time.


We travelled with a full team (Paul included) to Tomlinson's for the ESS Club open show under Kirsty Miller (Feorlig).


I was delighted that Reg continued his winning ways heading the PG and SB dog classes.  Gracie May was 2nd in Tyro and VHC in Graduate.  However my delight of the day was Babs, she was a very respectable 2nd in a nice PG class and then to top the day of in style won SB bitch.


With us no longer being eligible to compete in Special Beginners it was lovely to have won both classes today for the final time.


Saturday 14th November -

The day of Gundog Breeds of Scotland and right up until 1.30am the day of the show we were uncertain as to whether we would make it or not, thank goodness we did!!!!!!!


I was really pleased when Reggie won his Post Graduate class, even though he had a wee as soon as we walked in and then number two's on the first run around - OMG!!!!! The day then just became a little surreal, I was completely and utterly delighted when he was awarded the Dog CC.  He then pulled out the stops for me and was declared Best of Breed.  It did mean a very long day waiting for the group but it was certainly an experience I will never forget taking him around the main ring, I felt so proud of him.  Thank you so much to everyone who offered their congratulations your support is so very much appreciated and made the day so very, very special.


The girls also made the long trip to Scotland and I was really pleased with Gracie's 3rd in Yearling, Babs unfortunately didn't fare quite so well coming home cardless and having been on a strict diet all week she is decidedly grumpy today.


Today's judge was Colin Mackay to whom I will be forever thankful for our first Waterswarren Challenge Certificate.


Thanks to our dear friend Lesley you can watch Reg in action in the Gundog Group by clicking here!!!!


Saturday 7th November -


Getting up in the middle of the night for the long, long drive to Wales for the ESS Club of Wales Championship show was a bit of a killer but we made it there in good time.  Today's judges were Phil & Erina Green.


Reg pulled out all the stops for me today winning a strong PG class, I was utterly delighted.  The girls weren't quite as fortunate however, Gracie was VHC in a nice Graduate class and poor old Babs wasn't placed in PG.   I must take at least some of the blame for this as Babs is a bit porky, poor girl only needs to look at food and she piles on the pounds and unfortunately I took my eye off the ball resulting in her carrying more weight than does her justice.  Strict diet in order and let's see if she fairs better in Bonny Scotland next week.


Sunday 1st November -




A very enjoyable day at the Midlands ESS Championship show where Reggie was placed 2nd in a quality PG class, today's judge being Wendy Willey (Speeton)



Saturday 31st October -


Reggie and I today travelled just up the road to Newark for Grantham CS Open show under Barbara Hare (Wayforme).  Reggie was placed fourth from four in PG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now, I am certainly NOT a sore loser and definitely am NOT kennel blind, I know my own dogs faults, anyone who knows me will vouch for this.  I am not saying he should have won his class, everyone has a different set of criteria when judging and interpret the standard in different ways, however I will stick my neck on the line and say there is no way he should have been last.  


Sunday 25th October -

Midland Counties today and a relatively short journey this being one of our most local Championship shows.  The only downside to the day was the fact we were second in the ring after a quite large Yankie entry, meaning proceedings didn't actually start until after 12pm.


I was delighted with Reggie's 2nd place in PG, sadly the day then went downhill - ney mind it's only a dog show - Yeah Right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It was overall an enjoyable day, the large entry meaning a chance to catch up with lots of friends.


Sunday 18th October-

Today Reg, Gracie (a very poorly Trudy with the Beresford gang) and I travelled to Pucklechurch for the South Western ESS Society open show, the judge being Jane Eyeington from Meadowdale Kennels.


Although the entry was relatvely small it was a very enjoyable day and the society do put a great deal of work into this show.  The venue is good with a great size ring, the catering is fab especially the afternoon cream teas - yum yum!!!!!!!!!!


Reggie did me proud winning PG, L, O, SB and two stakes classes winning enough food to keep him happy well into 2010 and £10.00 to boot.  Gracie also didn't let the side down winning YB and coming a respectable 2nd in SB, she also for the second year running came home with the Best Tri rosette.  The star of the day however was Rattan (Trudy's girl) who after winning PG went on to be awarded BB and RBIS, I was thrilled as Rat's is a beautiful girl and quite unique.  Our good friend Wendy from Dexbenella also had a great day and Gracie was pleased to say hello to her Mummy Wendy.


Wednesday 14th October -

Setting of at some ungodly hour we today travelled to Malvern for Gundog Society of Wales champ show, the judge being John Thirwell.  After enduring rain all the trip down we were delighted to arrive at the showground to find it dry and the sun shining brightly.  


Reggie was a bit of a git and was placed VHC in PG I really do get fustrated with this boy sometimes, he can move beautifully but when the mood takes him he just chucks his legs all over like a blinking octopus.  There seems to be no pattern to this behaviour and I think I must resign myself to the fact that he's just a bit of a pratt!!!!!!! Babs pulled all the stops out for me today and drove around the large outside ring like a trooper, sometimes she lacks a bit of enthusiasm but today she was on form and a proper little show off, I was therefore a little disappointed that she wasn't a bit further up the line, she was placed VHC in a nice PG class.


A car park scenario greeted us on the M1 which resulted in us arriving home at least an hour later than anticipated - a very long, tiring but enjoyable day.


Sunday 11th October -

Today Reggie and I made the trip to Peterborough for The East Anglian Gundog Society open show.  I've never been to this show before and am always a little worried when the schedule states "no wet weather accomodation".  However I needn't have worried as the weather was lovely considering how late in the year.


Reggie was 2nd in PG, the judge was Celia Woodbridge.


Sunday 4th October -

If anyone is planning a special event where good weather is critical then they really need to speak to the committee of the Northern ESS Society.  They really must have a direct line with the "guy upstairs" as their shows are always blessed with good weather.  Together with excellent venues, organisation and catering this makes this societies shows some of the best.


Today was no exception when we travelled to Ripon Racecourse (taking a slight detour via Leeming services (don't ask!!!!)), for the Northern ESS Society open show under Christel Collowin Elmberg (Collowin) who had made the journey from Sweden to judge todays show.


I was pleased with Reggie's 2nd in PG beaten only by Trudy's boy Jack (Rianlas in the Black at Beresford) who went Best Dog, BOS and RBIS.  We were thrilled for them both and it's no secret that I'm a "Jack fan" having plans for him to be Gracie's suitor in the near future.  Big Big Well Done Trudy xxxxxxx


The girls didn't let me down showing really well after their jollies, I was totally overjoyed when Gracie won a nice YB class.  I have now forgiven her entirely for deciding she didn't yet want to be a Mummy, perhaps a few more outings are on the cards for her this year after all.  Babs was VHC in PGB, and then Reggie was 2nd in the Open Stakes class which rounded off another very enjoyable show courtesy of the Northern ESS society.


Friday 2nd October-

After enjoying a week in the sunshine it was quickly back to rainy, dull England and the realisation that the dogs (after a week in kennels) looked like exploded mattresses.  With only a few days to climatise to actually having to go to work in a morning it was back to trimming and stripping like mad to get them back into their "show coats".


Thankfully the hard work paid off when Reggie today at Driffield Championship show under John Lillie (Freeway) won another PG class.  I was delighted and it made a damp, miserable day much more bearable.  It was nice to once again stand in the line up even though we didn't go any further.


Tuesday 29th December -

No show news to report, we missed a couple of open shows just prior to Christmas due to the weather.  


Today however was D-Day - Gracie went for her scan and we are delighted to find she is most certainly in whelp and has a belly full of babies the scan confirmed at least 7 babies.  We are so excited however a little daunted at the prospect of turning the office into a whelping room within the next few weeks - where are we to put everything????  eBay listings and Car Boot in order me thinks!!!!!  Litter details will be added very soon.  Just a couple more weeks to wait to see if Babs is also in whelp - fingers crossed.


Monday 14th December -

Things have been so hectic with preparations for Christmas etc...... that I have quite a bit of news to catch up on today.


A week last Saturday I travelled to Northallerton to attend the Northern ESS Society breed seminar.  It was a great day and the hospitality extended and organisation was to the societies usual high standards.  Several breed experts were in attendance and the presentations were extremely informative and delivered in an excellent manner.  I also today took my Breed Standard exam and was delighted to pass.


With a fortnight away from the show ring it was back to business at LKA on the 12th.  I can't believe it's the last Champ show of the season already this year seems to have just flown by.  I was pleased with Reggie's 3rd in a nice PG class, he's up into limit with the big boys next time out - OMG.  My delight of the day however was Babs's 3rd place in a large quality PG class of 17, I was so pleased and I think it's the best 3rd place I've ever had


Nibbles and drinks followed judging it was lovely to have the opportunity to chat and laugh with friends before a few weeks away from the ring over Christmas and New Year.


Sunday the 13th saw Reggie and I heading over the Humber Bridge to Beverley for Bridlington CS show, under breed specialist Helen Merry.  It was a lovely entry, it's nice to see judges within the breed being supported.  I was only sorry that the girls (although entered) were unable to make it.  Reggie was 1st in Open despite being a tad lazy - poor boy, two girls in season within a few weeks of each other has left him a bit knackered, I'm just thankful it doesn't put him off his food like it does with some dogs.


Thursday 3rd December -

Great news - Reggie has tested clear for PRA crd 1, we therefore are now happy to offer him at stud to approved bitches.  This also means our future plans can go ahead in time.


Gracie is in season and we plan to mate her, I really don't want to tempt fate this time so more news on this matter will follow when we have confirmation she is in whelp.