Saturday 25th October -

Off to Stafford with just Reggie in tow for Midland Counties under breed specialist Joanna Jaggers.  If today taught me one thing it's not to look at the catalogue and pre-judge!!!


Reggie had his show head on and moved really well for me.  I was pleased with his 3rd place in JD behind Jane (Trinitas Newky Brown of Meadowdale) and Colin (Plaiglen Perhaps at Wadeson JW ShCM).  I had also entered Reg in YD and was surprised and thrilled to win the class giving him a further 3 JW points.  Only 2 to go!!!!!!!!!!!!


Reggie's Critique - eye catching young dog, good head & expression, well feathered & presented, moved well


Sunday 19th October -

What a fabuous, fantastic, super etc...... day!!!!!!!!!!  


A 400 mile round trip to the South Western ESS Club open show was really made worth it with todays results.  This show is really nice, the venue is super (they have a bar - lol), the committee do a great job with the facilities, organisation and catering but sadly it is really poorly supported.  Let's hope the next show has a bigger entry as if we as a breed don't support this club it will close.


Today our judge was Janet Richards (Eastlands).  Reggie was placed 2nd behind Jack (Rianlas in the Black at Beresford) in JD, sadly he stood alone in SYD.  I was a little dissapointed with his 3rd in GD, he won his PGD class but sadly there was only him and Dudley entered (thanks Trudy for handling Dud, he was again a complete arse!) so no points.  Fortunes then began to change.  Reg won SBD gaining a point !!!!


On to the bitch judging and I have to admit I was really nervous taking Gracie in the ring with Wendy and Steve watching.  Although she had settled in well with us and we had started to form a bond I really didn't know how she would react.  I had no reason to be worried when she moved lovely for me to win her PB class, sadly she stood alone in MB.  The bitch challenge was tough as Wendy was in with Nellie, Trudy was in with Tippi and had asked Steve to handle Rats so with both her Mum and Dad in the ring I was pleased that Gracie behaved impecably for me, she was awarded BPB.


I then realised that as Wendy had won BPD with Frankie it was between him and Gracie for BPIS.  I was thrilled and delighted when Gracie took it, our first Waterswarren BPIS.


Reggie then ended the day with another high by winning the Welfare Open D/B Stakes gaining another point.


So we ended the day with 2 points, 39kg of Royal Canin (yes folks food on offer get your diary's out for the next show), BPIS and Best Tri.  Trudy won both of her bitch classes and Wendy took BIS with Nellie (Dexbenella Drama Queen). To say I was buzzing is the understatement of the century.


Reggie's Critique - Head needs time.  1 (Rianlas in the Black at Beresford)  had a better eye and expression.  Symmetrically built but needs to develop in body.  Well turned stifle and let down hocks.  Needs to settle in movement.


Gracie's Critique - 9mths, l/w/t, balanced head, almond shaped eye and kind expression, good length of neck which flowed into level topline and correct tailset, well turned stifle, symmetrical outline, moved well with correct stride.  BPIS


Saturday 18th October -

Open shows localy to us have been realy poorly supported this year and today at Newark for Worksop & District open show was no different.  Out of the 7 dogs entered only 5 were present.  I don't know whether this downturn is due to the "credit crunch", poor judges or what but it really is a shame.


Reggie stood alone in J, was 3rd in PG and 2nd in O.  We were packed up and on our way home by 12pm so at least there was some good points to the day.


Wednesday 15th October -

Down to Malvern today for Gundog Society of Wales under Gareth Lawler (Roqfolly).  When we arrived the weather was a little dull but fine, unfortunately this didn't last long and by the time judging started it was raining, therefore we were judged inside and again the ring size was totally unpractical for our breed.  


Reggie was a git in his JD class he proceeded to bound around the ring like a lunatic, he even started the barking malarky something he hadn't done for an awful long time.  Thanks to Gareth for giving me a real opportunity to pull things together unfortunately Reggie had gone way past the point of calming down.  He was placed 2nd in JD behind Plaiglen Perhaps at Wadeson which would more than likely have been the outcome even if he had behaved, so no great disappointment.  He had got things together a little for GD but was placed 3rd, he however redeemed himself by gaining a 2nd in PG.


Reggie's Critique - different style, a little heavier all through, masculine head, good layback of shoulder, very well boned, good outline, & can cover the ground, but decided he would not play ball & this caused him to appear a little more untidy on the up & back than I know he is


At the SESSS open show in July I fell in love, with a little girl by the name of Dexbenella Gracie May.  E-mail's flew backward and forwards between Waterswarren and Dexbenella resulting in today Wendy and Steve very kindly asking me if I woud like to handle her.  Would I !!!!!!!!!!!!  She went well for me considering we hardly knew each other and I was delighted with her 4th place in a strong class.  I then took her in the PB Stakes under Gordon Haran where again she went well for me but was sadly not pulled.  I was totally overwhelmed when Wendy and Steve agreed for her to move to Waterswarren so we ended up leaving Malvern with a little more than we arrived with.  


Wendy & Steve - I cannot express how gratefull I am, thank you xxxxx


Sunday 12th October -

A long, long journey to Wales for the ESS Club of Wales Championship show where today's judges were Kate and Michael Keeley of Alhambra Kennels, Australia.  A boys day out as Dudley again was drafted in to try and ensure we had the 3 in a class required for JW points.  Reggie went well and was placed 2nd in JD, 2nd in GD, 3rd in PGD and 4th in SBD.  I can't lie and was a tad disapointed not to have picked up any points however in the whole he was beaten by dogs that deserved to be further up the line than him.  Paul (Cherishym kennels) kindly or should that be madly offered to handle Dudley for me again and he again went really well for him.  I was delighted with his 3rd in GD.  Cheers Paul.


Reggie's Critique - Substantial lad with quite a strong head.  A little lacking in length of upper arm compared to 1 (Rianlas in the Black at Beresford) but nonetheless a really attractive dog in lovely coat.


Sunday 5th October -

Our judge today at the Northern ESS Society open show was Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale).  The venue at Ripon racecourse is fantastic and fortunately the weather improved from previous days allowing us to show outside.  Dudley was entered to make up class numbers to give Reggie a fighting chance of picking up some points and he certainly proved his worth.  Reggie was a little naughty but did win JD picking up a point, sadly he stood alone in YD so despite the 1st place there was no points.  He continued to do well being placed 2nd in GD and PGD.  Dudley was last in all of his classes as expected (after all he is really only a pet) he did however make up the 3 in SBD/B to give Reg another point.  Thanks to Paul, (Cherishym kennels) for handling Dudley he went much better than I have seen him go for a long time.  The day ended with 2 points and 12kg of Royal Canin so a really good day at an enjoyable show with great facilities.


Reggie's Critique - Youngster who was immaculately presented, showing a tidy picture when stacked, good depth to the head, but would have liked a little more definition and chiselling, neck of good length which showed the correct slight arch, well placed shoulders, slightly longer cast in the body, time is on his side to gain the depth and spring, good bone, straight front onto tight feet, well angulated rear, when settled moved well and with drive.


Saturday 22nd November -

Reggie and Dudley today made the trip (with me of course - lol) to the ESSC open show, Gracie still in full season unfortunately was left at home with Babs for a girly day together, our judge today was Angela Calvert.  The entry was good so Dudley was not needed to make up the class numbers for Reggie so he had a relaxing time asleep for the majority of the day.  Despite me cutting my finger immediately before going in the ring and covering Reggie in blood he went well for me gaining a 1st in both his Junior and Graduate classes, meaning he now has the required points to claim his Junior Warrant.  To say I'm pleased is an understatement, this year has been a great year for our small kennel and gaining our first stud book entry is just the icing on the cake.  See Reggie's gallery for pictures of the day.


Sunday 16th November -

Today we travelled to Hurworth for the North of England Spaniel open show under breed specialist Anita Tattershall (Alanea).  Just Reggie made the trip as although Gracie was also entered she is bang in the middle of her first season so she stayed at home with the rest of the gang.  Reggie went OK in the really small ring and was placed 2nd in his Junior class - so alas we are still needing the final two points for his JW.  Perhaps another day!!!!!


Saturday 8th November -

It's days like today that confirm we are all mad!!!!  Leaving the house at 1.45am for a long, long, long journey to Edinburgh for Gundog Breeds of Scotland under Frank Whyte.  Reggie was entered into Junior and Yearling and of course again we were hoping to get his final two points.  He was placed 2nd in Junior behind his half brother Berkenbar Angelo, we haven't seen this chap out for a while so it was nice to see him and compare the two.  He does have a much more typical head than Reggie.  It was a deserving 2nd but I was a little disappointed as Reggie performed like a trooper not putting a foot wrong, just shows some judges judge on movement and performance much more than others.  In his Yearling class he was placed 3rd.  All in all a nice show but the journey - blimey - a long expensive way to go for two pieces of cardboard - lol


Reggie's Critique - pleasing head & expression, good body proportions, very good breed type, quality balanced younger, in good condition & holds good picture on free flowing movement


Sunday 2nd November -

After a few long runs it was really good to have a local show meaning not having to rise at the crack of dawn and arrive home well into the late evening.  Hopeful of gaining Reggie's final 2 points Paul came along to cheer us on after being away from the show scene for some time due to work committments etc.... The judge today for the Midlands ESS Society Championship show was Kelly Jenkinson (Eastriding).


The day didn't start brilliantly as the hall had been doubled booked and we arrived to find a car boot sale in full swing.  I must add this was NOT the fault of the club committee who handled the situation brilliantly and offered excellent hospitality under the circumstances.  Judging started at 12pm a little later than planned.  We have been on a really good run of late picking up some very nice placings and wins, well they say too much of a good thing isn't good for you and we certainly found this out today.  We were brought crashing back down to earth with a bang!!!


Edging our bets Reggie was entered in JD, YD, GD, PGD and SBD.  He moved a little fast having been stuck in the van for the majority of the morning as again the weather was foul, but he did move well, he was placed in all of his classes but unfortunately not first meaning no points.   We were hoping to be able to slow things down towards the end of the year and give Reggie a little time out but I am now sitting here surrounded by open show schedules and my diary - lol


Now I really am not a sore loser, I know my dogs faults and do not look at them through rose tinted glasses.  If I can look up the line, at better quality dogs and feel justified in my placing I am happy.  Sadly today (in my opinion) I really can't say that happened in at least two of his classes.  Perhaps the critique will tell me a little more.


We did however have an enjoyable day the buffet lunch was lovely and it was nice to have a catch up with friends.


Reggie's Critique - l/w of rangier type to 1 (Cherishym Outlaw) and up to size, masculine head and dark eye, good length of neck and well laid shoulder, good depth of body, in lovely coat and condition


Friday 12th December -

LKA was a real disappointment, having heard so much regarding the "party atmosphere" it was a bit of an anti-climax.  Credit crunch no doubt, seems everyone's a bit "Bah Humbug" this year.  


Today's judge was Alec Geddes who awarded Reggie a 2nd in his Junior class behind Mompesson Striker who went on to take the RDCC and then Reggie made the cut from 14 to 7 in Post Graduate.  I was really pleased with Reggie today who moved like he meant business.  The girls performance was less than spectacular.  Gracie was 4th in Puppy which I have to say I was a little disappointed with but hey ho!!!!!  Babs on her return to the ring after a break went well for me, she was unplaced but did as I asked of her and I'm sure she'll be back on form in 2009.


Reggie's Critique -  lovely moving Springer, good neck, head & shoulders, nice turn of stifle, put down well


May we take this opportunity to thank the judges who have appreciated our dogs in the show ring throughout 2008 and wish all visitors to our website a very "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" - see you in the ring in 2009.


Tuesday 9th December -

No show news this weekend, we were entered for Coventry Gundog on Sunday but with work committments and our recent sad loss I couldn't really face it, a real shame as I was looking forward to giving the girls a run out before LKA.  I did however travel to the Northern ESS Society Breed Seminar on Saturday which was great.  Very informative and the facilities and catering were first class.


Thursday 4th December -

Today was probably the hardest "doggy day" I have ever experienced.  Our old lady Chip moved to her retirement home with my parents several months ago.  With them being retired and being home the majority of the time the lifestyle suited Chip's needs giving her the attention she so much deserved in her senior years.  Sadly today her 15 years took their toll and we made the heartbreaking decision to let go.  It's the first time I've ever had to make this decision and people have told me that "you'll know", I was always worried that I wouldn't but I now understand exactly what they meant.  


Chip has been my companion for over 11 years and during that time she has been my rock, she know's all my secrets and has been a loyal and true friend.  This was the very last thing I could do for her to repay her for many happy years together.  


Run free my darling girl, you'll never be forgotten and will forever remain in my heart.  Until we meet again night night Chippy xxxxxx


See Chip's story and pictures by clicking here