May & June

Tuesday 28th June

Apologies once again for being a slack alice and not updated my website for ages - it has been on my "List of things to do" for well over 6 weeks and I've finally got around to it - you really should see "The List" - lol


Quick update on the show front - April saw WELKS and what a fabulous day it was, the sun shone brightly all day and I despite the long journey I really do love Malvern as a venue.  Millie was a very respectable 4th in her first Junior class, and Reggie now up into Open was 2nd so all in all a good result under breed specialist Jan Woods.


Onto May and up first was Birmingham.  Sadly I couldn't make the show but thanks to Trudy, (how many do I owe you now???) Millie was able to make it to Stafford under judge Gareth Lawler - she was placed 2nd in Junior.  A couple of open shows finished our showing off prior to our much needed holiday.  At Rossendale Valley under breed specialist Helen Merry, Millie (entered in every class on the JW point hunt - lol) picked up two 2nd's and a 1st in PG - today marked Millie's first (and hopefully last) encounter with a Chihuahua - Millie thinks they are the killer of all breeds and must be avoided at all costs, even if it means doing a trinagle when we're supposed to be going up and back!!  The next day (mad I Know) we travelled to Mid Herts Gundog under judge Barbara Hare.  It was a lovely show and a great chance to catch up with friends Millie unfortunately didn't pick up any points - ney mind xxxxx


Bringing us up to date and Blackpool, a cold, windy and damp Blackpool at that.  Under David Shields Millie was 2nd in Junior and a nice 4th in Graduate.  A complete contrast to the prior day was Crowle Agricultural show where under the blazing sun Millie won both Junior  and Graduate hopefully ending the points dry spell


We are now waiting for Gracie's season to arrive as we are hatching a plan xxx  More news on this in due course  



Saturday 9th July


Yesterday we travelled to Peterborough for East and England under Christine House giving tickets for the first time.  Millie was placed 2nd in JB behind a bitch that I really like so although disappointed not to get any JW points I can't grumble, then in GB Millie stood 3rd again behind two bitches that I really like - the hunt for points is starting to wear a bit thin now and rather than a bit of luck we now need a miracle - lol  Our luck changed for the better in Junior Bitch Stakes where Millie was placed a very nice 4th and picked up £20.00 to boot.



Saturday 2nd July


Well what a lovely day today at Windsor Championship Show, however with no tickets I guess it's officially an open for us, and far further than we would normally travel to an open but hey, needs must when on the JW Point hunt.  


Things started out well, I entertained Trudy and the people in the next vehicle in the car park taking the mick out of the "Jobsworth" car park attendant, who apparantly thought it was more than acceptable to park vehicles inside the boot of the vehicle in front - urrrm "How are we supposed to get the back doors open?" was met with a rather blank look - I then pulled out a corker exclaiming "Is that Windsor Castle" it took me more than a couple of seconds to realise Trudy was actually joking when she said it was a very posh travel lodge (well it was early), and then asking if the very large ferris wheel was the London Eye !!!!!!!  Like I said it WAS early!!!!!!  What made all this thoroughly hillarious was to find out later that Wendy had actually clipped said "Jobsworth" with her van wing mirror - apparantly he was rather cross and took a photo of her van - well it's a very nice van - lol


Onto the actually judging and things looked good on paper with four Junior Bitches entered - when it came to it only two were in the class, Millie was second but nothing lost as sadly no points for anyone, huge well done to team Trimere picking up BOB, BOS and RBB.


Later in the Junior Bitch stakes both girls from the earlier breed class met again under Rodney Oldam and I was thrilled when we switched places from the earlier encounter and Millie was placed VHC in a rather large class.  


Making his showing debut today was Gracie's son Waterswarren Back to Black (aka Hugo aka Arthur), who did a great job for a first show.  It was great to see him strutting his stuff and I'm sure we'll see more of him soon.  

August & September

Saturday 10th September


I do remember at the beginning of the year making a promise to myself to keep the Waterswarren website up to date - however I cannot believe we are now in September - my mind is still stuck somewhere around Easter struggling to catch up - where on earth has this year gone???  Must be a sign of getting older that time goes by so quickly.


Well now for a quick doggy catch up.  Since I last wrote we've had another first - I was late up for a dog show (shock horror!!!!)  and not just a little bit either, in true Vicky fashion if I muck up I muck up big style.  We were going to the Southern ESS Open show and it must have been a sign of the kind of day I was about to have when I awoke 10 minute AFTER I was supposed to have left the house.  Quick phone call, change of plan and I'm standing outside with all my gear waiting to be collected.  Needless to say the day didn't get any better - lol


The next day we travelled to a very wet and wild East Riding Gundog where again we had a rather - well let's say we've had better days - lol  Arriving home dripping wet through as there were no wet weather facilities it makes me realise that yes - we are all totally "off our heads - lol"


Right quick Champ Show round up Leeds and Millie was placed VHC in a large Junior bitch class under Dave Mitchell.  The the road trip of the year - how much can you get into a Kangoo Van - well I managed 2 ESS, 3 Gordan Setters, 5 Crates, 1 Trolley Table, 2 Humans and all the associated bags etc... It was well worth the long journey as under breed specialist Wendy Walker Millie won her last Junior Class - to say I was thrilled was a massive understatements.  Babs also was placed 4th in a lovely Open Bitch class and she really enjoyed her day out.


Next journey was up to SKC, the days judge being Trudy Short.  Babs was placed third in a lovely Open Bitch class to my delight.  However the highlight of the day was Robin (Peasblossom Escape to Beresford) gaining he 2nd CC - handled in the challenge by your's truely - I don't know who was more excited Trudy or I but it certainly made the long journey home seem much shorter.


That brings us up to date and some thrilling news. We're (well to be precise Gracie & Reggie) are expecting some babies - a litter we have long waited for is due the first week in October.  You can see more information on our "Planned Litters" page.  Rights must dash folks - Babs to trim and bath for the trip to Richmond tomorrow.