May came and went without a dog show in sight, only a great big ash cloud which caused so much hassle for a great deal of our doggy and non doggy friends alike.


We didn't escape it either, with all of the puppies now settling in nicely to their new homes we were ready for a well deserved break.  Alas our schedule was put back a fortnight with us jetting off to Florida in early May (which meant missing Brimingham - AAARRRGGGHHH).  I was gutted to have missed Chris Savell's beautiful girl Delta being made up but at the same time totally thrilled that it's happened for her, a huge well done and congrats from us all.


We have returned refreshed and with a new abundance of enthusiasm.  We have made our selection from the puppies and are pleased to welcome Stevie (Waterswarren Walk This Way) and Millie aka Cretin (Waterswarren Whitewash) into the mad house.  It's really early days but they are looking nice and I guess we'll see.  If the dog game has taught me one thing it's to have a plan A and B and C etc...... you get the picture.


Sunday 27 June -

A quick trip up the road to Crowle Agricultural show and a first venture out for Millie and Stevie.  Although not old enough to be entered they very much enjoyed a walk around the show and wasn't phased at all, though Stevie was amazed at the Helta-Skelta and a little cautious of the horses.  It was lovely to get them out and about encountering the world.  Gracie was placed 3rd in PG and Reggie 2nd in Open.


Saturday 26 June -

Well what a beautiful day in all aspects.  The weather for Blackpool Championship show totally surpassed itself today with the sun beating down which although wonderful was a little too hot for the dogs come mid afternoon.  Nevertheless we had a fabulous day.  Reggie won Limit Dog against some strong competition and Gracie too was in the cards being placed 4th in Graduate.  Todays judge was breed specialist Bob Jackson (Mompesson).


Sunday 20 June -

Well today was the first of the daft o'clock starts of our show season with a trip upto Kelso for Border Union with Reggie and Gracie, our judge for the day being breed specialist Barbara Ganarin (Berkenbar).  I was delighted that Paul was able to make the trip, he doesn't get to many shows and fortunately today we were blessed with glorious sunshine all day, great company and all together a really pleasant show.  Reggie was placed 4th in a strong Limit class.  Gracie was not with it at all, she was sick on the way travelling up (a first) and then seemed really "off it" all day - perhaps it was the heat or a bit of gastro - I was therefore not surprised at all when she wasn't placed in Post Grad one of the biggest classes of the day.  Let's hope she gets her act together for next weekend.


This week I have made a start on the puppies trimming, and have managed to get them looking a little more ESS rather than wooly bears - long way to go mind - slowly and gently does it though, I really feel it's important at this age not to overdo it - it makes life much easier in the long run if they don't dread being put up on the table.


Sunday 13 June -


Today was the day of the Northern ESS Society Champ show, one of my personal favourites for the venue, organisation and atmosphere.  Unfortunately the good weather of past years was to let us down and it rained persistantly all day.  Due to the quick thinking and well organised committee however we were able to be judged outside.  It was the girls first outing following their puppies and neither let me down, Gracie put in a good performance in Under Graduate to be placed 4th and although Babs wasn't placed in Post Graduate I was more than happy with her efforts.



Sunday 6 June -


We were back in the saddle today (well Reggie was at least), with a trip to Ripon open show.  


I was delighted with his Open win not bad after an eight week break, not a jump, skip or bark in sight, perhaps with the puppies around he's decided AT LAST he's a big boy now.   The star of the day however was Trudy's young boy Robin who put in a stirling perfomance both in his class and the puppy group to eventually end the day RBPIS - well done Trudy I am totally thrilled for you and Robin and it made getting soaked to our pants so worthwhile.


The girls are now returning to normal (i.e. greedy as pigs, rather annoying and demanding, and romping around the garden like lunatics).  Guess it must be time for them to be up on the table, stripped out to see what we have left.  Hopefully they'll be making an appearance soon.


Stevie and Mille continue to grow and their personalities are certainly keeping us entertained.  Should really think about ringcraft sometime soon perhaps another few weeks of blissful unawareness before I can cope with the madness of a puppy on a lead for the first time.


I will post some pictures of the baby girls soon.


Sunday 25 July -

A relatively short trip for us today to Harewood House for Leeds Championship Show, despite the short journey we still set off early and arrived at the deserted showground at around 7.30am.  Well plently of time for last minute trimming etc... before the proceedings started.


Reg was in a strong Limit class and was placed 4th behind strong competition.  Today's judge was Marion Morgan.


Tuesday 13 July -

 We are lucky that in our area we have a few evening shows over the summer and tonight was Dukeries Gundog club at Newark Showground.  Another opportunity to get the puppies out and about and I must admit when I read about Newark Showground in Dog World the other week I had to chuckle.  It said that if a puppy can cope with the sheds at Newark they can cope with anything and this is soooooo true.  The puppies took it all in their stride although they have yet to encounter the heaters in a winter.  Reggie was entered in Open under judge Betty Scaife and was placed 3rd.


The most exciting thing to happen in the Waterswarren world of late however has to be the arrival of my new grooming room, which prompted a complete make over of the garden.  My old grooming room served it's purpose but was bitterly cold in a winter and when it rained  - well forget it!!!!  My new room is fabulous and I must thank Paul for all his hard work making my little oasis at the bottom of the garden.  All we need now is to win the lottery for all the equipment and accessories I so much want.



Saturday 28 August -

With us on holiday in Spain (yes AGAIN!!!!!!! - lol)  our very good friend Trudy Topliss flew the Waterswarren flag with Waterswarren Walk The Line at Beresford making her debut at SKC.  We were delighted to hear she was 1st in MPB and then went on to be declared Best Puppy Bitch - of course we immediately ordered more Sangria to celebrate - well done June and Trudy.


Tuesday 17 August -

Great news greeted me via my "inbox" today - an e-mail from the AHT advising that Millie is clear of the PRA crd1 mutation - I am thrilled to bits with this news as it gives us much more scope for our future.


Sunday 15 August -

Well time certainly has flown by this year and it's hard to believe Millie and Stevie are now 6 months old.  


Today marked the beginning of their show careers with a short trip to Scunthorpe Canine Society open show under breed specialist Angela Chandler.  Both babies were quite overwhelmed and a tad naughty, it was however Millie who came out on top winning Junior and then being declared BPIB and RBOB.  It was lovely showing our first Waterswarrens even if they still have a lot to learn, at 6 months and a smidge they did me proud.



Saturday 7 August -

A daft o'clock start today and panic at early hours when I discovered I'd set my alarm for the time I planned to leave the house and not the time I should be getting up.  Everything literally chucked in the van puppies included (who must have thought they had been teleported to Aunty Trudy's house) and we managed to get on the road to Malvern only 10-15 minutes behind schedule for the long, long trip down to National Gundog.


The weather was changable but we managed to hold all the judging outside which was great.  Reggie again in a strong limit class exceeded my expectations and went on to win I was thrilled even though he went no further he put in a good performance in the challenge for me.  The judge today was breed specialist Lynda Lillie.


Great company and a few laughs topped the day off with KFC on the way home to celebrate.


This week we have loads to do, the puppies are out at their first show next week and need some serious trimming attention. Millie (who ate all the pies) also needs to shed a few puppy pounds.


Sunday 19 September -

Just a short journey today to Darlington Championship Show although for some reason we still set off giving ourselves about three hours for an hours and a half journey - lol  Well at least it gives us time to get changed at the benches before anyone arrives to see our bums - ha ha


Just Stevie entered today and Millie cam along for the ride.  With no Minor Puppy class I was pleased with Stevie's VHC  as she gave quite a bit away on maturity.  Today's judge was Kelly Jenkinson (Eastriding).




Sunday 12 September -

What an eventful day today turned out to be !!!!!!!


After leaving home at some ungodly hour in the middle of the night we set off on the road to Guilford for Richmond Championship Show.  We always like to do our rounds at the services along the M1 and today was no exception.  We were however given quite a "wake up" call at Tibshelf.  Trudy was waiting in the van and I returned from the services to see two flashy mercedes on private (false) plates parked very close either side of the van.  Trudy had sensed something was "not quite right" and started to drive away leaving me to give chase, jump in the van and away we went.  The car park was virtually empty and there was no reason at all for these cars to park where they did other than to deliberately block the van in, what their next move was to be is anyone's guess.


Drama over - (taser gun and mace on the list of "things to add to already stupendously heavy showbag) we arrived at Richmond to a bright and more importantly dry morning.


I just had Stevie with me today, allowing me to give her my full attention at one of her first Champ shows.  She was unplaced in Puppy which at only just short of 7 months old is no shame given that she put in a stirling performance for me.  We were more fortunate in the Puppy Stakes judged by Pasty Hollings, from approx. 30 puppies Stevie made the cut to 10, although she remained unplaced I was thrilled that my homebred baby had done me so proud.  The judge even remarked that she was a "lovely puppy".


Huge congrats to Trudy for adding to Robin's ever growing collection of BP rosettes, and also to Kennel Trimere who had a fabulous day.


All to do again next week - can't wait!!!!!!!!! - (less the services drama of course)



Sunday 5 September -

Whilst we were somewhere over France at 35,000ft our baby girl Stevie made her Champ show debut at City of Birmingham under Val Foss.  With no Minor Puppy class available she was a real baby in the Puppy class at just over 6 months, she placed 4th.  Thank you so much for Trudy for taking her to the show and also Richard for handling her on my behalf.   I was delighted that our friend Steve Walker was able to capture the moment on camera for us, thank you so much for the photos it's very much appreciated.