Sunday 26th July 2009 -

Dudley has now moved to my parents house for a few weeks whilst Gracie is in season.  I can just about cope with Reggie being a desperate male but two is just too much especially as they don't get on, so it's a rather impossible three way split which leaves us all a bit demented


We travelled to Hurworth today for the North of England Spaniel show under judge Grace Donaldson (Donarden).  Babs was 2nd in a nice Limit class which I was delighted with and Reggie the looney muppet was 3rd in Open.  I think he did rather well to actually managed to move horizontally (vertically is never a problem for Kanger Roo Roo) at all, as he was wound up like a spring thanks to some pratt putting their crate complete with two whiney Irish Water Spaniels directly in front of his crate just before our breed judging started - don't you just love open shows!!!!!!!!



Saturday 25th July 2009 -

A trip to Leeds today for Reggie and Babs our judge for today being Ray Smith (Melverly). Despite a dull and overcast start to the day the weather turned out glorious.  Reggie was 2nd in a good PG class, I had really hope to qualify Babs today but it was not to be, she was VHC in a strong PG class.  I was however delighted that she was in the cards.


Friday 24th July 2009 -

I really am sure my girls are trying to drive me potty.  Babs was due in season at the end of June and we have no sign whatsoever, Gracie however has decided to come in early.  This is quite exciting as we have had plans to mate her for some time now and finally it's happening.  See our Planned Litters Page for full details


Tuesday 14th July 2009 -

I think I've said before, but we really are so lucky to have evening shows in our area and they are really well supported.  


Reggie and I today travelled up the road to Newark for Dukeries Gundog Society Open show under breed specialist Lavinia Hancock (Hanknight).  The entry was good and I was thrilled when Reggie won PG and then went on to be awarded BOB.  The evening then got even better when under Christine Bexon he was awarded Group 4.  What a birthday week he's had!!!!!!!  Let's hope "2" is Reggie's lucky number.


Saturday 11th July 2009 -

Today Reggie, Gracie and I travelled to Peterborough for the East of England Championship show under todays judge Caroline Robinson (Baldragon).


Reggie now up into PG played me up a bit in the ring giving a hop skip and a jump on the way around.  God he's a pratt sometimes!!  Thankfully we were given another opportunity to move and he did enough to win the class for which I was absolutely thrilled to bits.  In the challenge he got his head together and really gave a good performance.  What made todays win more special is that it was Reggie's 2nd birthday what a present for him.  I remember someone once asking me "when do they start to calm down", and wondered why I fell about in hysterics.


Gracie in her last ever Junior class was placed 4th.  She's going to have a bit of a break now from Championship shows a bit of a wind down and R&R so shes in tip top condition and well rested for her planned babies.


Today was a really nice show with a fabulous entry so it was great to catch up with a few doggy friends we haven't seen for quite some time.


Reggie's Critique - I think this dog is probably one of the most well-constructed Springers I have been over,  however, his head is not really my line, he won the class on conformation and excellent movement.


Saturday 29th August -

Reggie and I today travelled to the North Riding Gundog show under judge Angela Chandler.  


When I arrived I initially thought I must be in the wrong place as it was a farmer's field in the middle on nowhere.  As more and more people arrived the atmosphere began to grow and it turned out to be a really warm and friendly show.  Thankfully the weather also held out as there was not wet weather facilities.


Reggie stood alone in PG and I was really in two minds when we walked into the challenge as to what would happen.  Reggie moved out well for me with no messing around and I was delighted when he was awarded BOB.



Sunday 23rd August 2009 -

It's been quite sometime since we had a "stupid o'clock" start but today was one of them, leaving the house at a little before 3am for the journey to Builth Wells for WKC Championship Show.


Reggie was placed VHC in a strong PG under judge Mrs G Gill-Davies.


The highlight of the day however was watching Sonia and Noel's Ted (Trimere Top Score) take the Limit class and RDCC.  We are all so thrilled for you, lovely people and richly deserved.  


The great day for Kennel Trimere continued with Trimere Talking Point of Allanie taking the DCC, Trimere Tigra (our Bab's mother) taking the BCC, BOB and G1 and then to everyone's delight going Best In Show.  Such an achievement and a credit to the breed as a whole.  We offer our most sincere congratulations to you all and a big, big well done.


I arrived home at around 8pm, rather tired and completely spent up - lol - Dam trade stands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday 20th August 2009 -

Feeling refreshed after a short break we were back in the ring at Newark today for the Frecheville (Sheffield) &  District Canine Society open show.


Reggie was entered in the Kennel Gazette Junior Warrant Competition qualifying heat under Mr R Crooks (Crooksmoor), along with 39 other dogs.  There were a few absentees but there were well over 30 dogs in the ring, all hoping for a place in the semi finals at Discover Dogs.  Reggie went really well for me and I was delighted when he made the cut of 10 dogs.  Unfortunately he wasn't in the 5 places that qualified for the Semi Finals I was however really pleased to have done so well.


We then went onto our breed class Reggie was entered into PG and we were thrilled to win the class and be awarded RBOB under judge Ms T Lewis (Penmartan).



Sunday 9th August 2009 -

Well what a week it's been at Waterswarren - to say I'm "dog tired" is an understatement!!!!


On Friday we managed another Gracie, Reggie mating so job done and now it's just a case of waiting for a few weeks for a scan to confirm whether she's in whelp or not.


As many people will know we have been looking for a perfect home for Dudley after deciding to part with him.  This was not an easy decision and as always was made with the dog rather than us in mind.  Well, on Saturday Olga and Malcolm travelled from Kent to visit with Dudley.  There was an instant bond on both sides and as he jumped into their car to start his new life I saw through my tears that it was the totally right decision for my very special boy who I owe so much to.  He is settleing well and I'm totally at ease that he will have such a fantastic life full of love.  A picture of him and his "New Mummy" has been added to Dudley's gallery.


Today Reggie and I travelled to Huddersfield for Yorkshire Gundog Open Show under Anthony Allen (Allenie).  The entry was disappointing, I guess recovering from the long trek down to Bournemouth was a factor together with the holiday season.  Reg despite being knackered after crying for Babs all night (desperate doesn't even touch it), went well for me and after winning Open was awarded BOB.  In BIS to my utter delight he was shortlisted.    


Thursday  6th August 2009 -

Anyone entering the world of "Dogdum" will very quickly appreciate that it is a complete waste of time to try and stick to plans when dogs are concerned, especially with girls!!!!!!!!  This was rather difficult for me, ever the organised and I have been accused of having a bit of OCD when it comes to arranging things.  However I have changed my philosophy and just go with it, shaking my head and waving my arms about along the way!


For some time now we have planned to mate Gracie to a beautiful Black & White boy Rianlas in the Black at Beresford.  I'm starting to think the BL of black stands for "Bad Luck".  Firstly Gracie came into season a month early, no great problem there, other than we have a holiday in Spain planned in September and we're cutting it a bit fine with whelping dates.  After sitting with the diary we've worked out that it's fine and we will be back at least 5-6 days before her due date.  She will of course be in capable hands should she decide to deliver earlier.  Gracie brought Babs into season (a month late) which is good as now both are in together we only have one episode with "Desperate Reg".


Gracie has now visited Jack on two occasions and decided that actually she doesn't want "a bit of black" !!!!!!!  Thanks for all your help Trudy and Gracie says she's really sorry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mwah mwah


Plan B was launched, or should I say plan R.  With the help of my very good friends (you know who you are) we did manage to get Reg and Gracie together and a repeat performance (that is totally the right word), is planned for tomorrow.  I had always planned to use Reggie with Gracie in the future as they fit together nicely, so I guess it's just jiggled things around a bit.  See the planned litters page for the revised details.


Now I guess it's just the waiting game until scanning time - fingers crossed everyone



Monday 7th September -

Today was the day I'd been waiting for as we took Gracie along to be scanned.  Unfortunately she is not in whelp this time.  After feeling a bit fed up and having a bit of a grumble I've kinda got over the disappointment.  I've had a word with Gracie and informed her that she is now on a diet and simply must think about growing some coat.  She just looked at me with her typical "whatever" expression.  I'm actually quite looking forward to giving her a few outings before the end of the year, (she say's sifting through the schedules on my desk wondering where to take her).


We do hope to have a litter at some time in the near future.  This really all depends when the girls decide to have their next season's which really judging by past performance is anyone's guess!!  The nearest we can pin it down to is sometime during November or December.


Ney mind - worse things happen at sea - so they say!!!!!!!!!!!!



Sunday 6th September -

Today we travelled to City of Birmingham Championship show under judge Trudy Short.  It was a later than normal start to judging as we were second in the ring after WSS.  By the time the dogs were ready to go in they were a bit fed up with the whole proceedings.  The however didn't let me down.


Reggie entered into PGD gave a little hope skip and jump towards the end of moving but did enough to be awarded 4th in his class.  Not letting the side down Babs too was awarded 4th in PGB.