Saturday 19th July -

This has to have been the highlight of our showing so far.  Reggie and I travelled to Harrogate & District Open Show where our breed judge was Jane Elders.  Reggie although being a bit of a “muppet” (small ring again) won his Junior class which I was really pleased with and I expected him to be 3rd out of 3 given his antics.  As if the JW point wasn’t enough when we went into the challenge I was overjoyed to be awarded BOB our first ever.  Colin Woodward was the BIS judge so we waited, and waited, and waited to go into BIS.  Reggie went extremely well and I couldn’t have asked him for any more but didn’t make the cut which considering his age was OK.  I eventually walked out of the ring at 7.10pm extremely tired but also on a bit of a high.


Sunday 13th July -

Another day with the boys, this time just up the road at Snaith for Pollard Open show, which incidentally was Dudley’s first ever Open show last year.  To be perfectly honest I really wish I hadn’t bothered today was a bit of an anti-climax after yesterday.  Reggie was 3rd in his Junior class which was expected considering the other dogs in the ring.  Dudley was binned in Post Graduate – lol.  He really stood out like a sore thumb all the other dogs were small and dark and there he was his lovely flashy self he really did move well too.  Judge was Alan Curry.


Saturday 12th July -

A fabulous day at the Southern ESS Society Open Show under Paul Osbourne.  Reggie won his first ever Junior Dog class and then Dudley won his Special Yearling Dog class to say I was pleased would be a bit of an understatement.  I managed to find a handler as I had them both entered in Special Beginners Dog and was totally bowled over when Reggie was pulled 2nd and Dudley 4th , for both my boys to be in the line up was an absolute delight and I really wish I had a picture of this.  I had Reggie entered in the Special Open Stakes and the day just finished off perfectly when he was placed 5th considering it was after all an Open class and he was only just out of Puppy.  Today Rats (Peasblossom Butterfly) also gained the final point for her JW so big, big congrats to Trudy too!


Reggie’s Critique -

Liver and white, one day out of puppy, note when looking at the catalogue afterwards he is out of same sire as my puppy winner, pleasing head proportions, deep flews, well developed nostrils, sufficient chiselling beneath the eyes, would prefer a little more stop, adequate length in neck, shoulders well laid, a little short in upper arm, well boned, adequate room for chest development, good length in body, well bent stifles,  low tailset, clean hocks which were well let down, nicely balanced dog.


Dudley’s Critique -

Liver & white, another upstanding dog, head markings on this young man are not his fortune, but on closer inspection you find a nicely balanced head, slightly domed, adequate stop, square muzzle with deep flews, good length of neck, would prefer better layback of shoulder, a little long in body but in proportion to height, nice rear angles with clean hocks.


Saturday 5th July -

South Wales KA and yet another really early start.  The weather travelling down was awful but thankfully when we arrived it was fine didn’t stay like that for long though, also the toilets were locked as someone had lost the key, not good after a several hour journey.  Me being me just opted for the men’s!!!  Today’s judge was Glenn Miller (Graftonbury), Reggie went better than he ever had done and was placed 2nd in his Puppy Dog class.  I really couldn’t have asked any more from him and he really did me proud.


Reggie's Critique - Another nice well balanced young man, but needs to develop in chest/rib, moved very well and presented in excellent condition.

Sunday 31st August -

A later start than normal for a Championship show as we weren't first in the ring at City of Birmingham.  Our judge today was Ernie Darby (Classicway cockers).  Reggie was placed 2nd in his Junior Class behind Colin Woodward with Plaiglen Perhaps at Wadeson.  On hunt for points I had also entered him in Graduate (a little young I know) and was thrilled to be placed 1st, giving us a further 3 points and a fighting chance of gaining Reggie's JW before he turns 18 months in January 2009.  Today was made all the more special as Reggie's Dad, Kevin got his 10th ticket, and Babs's Mum, Roxy won the reserve bitch ticket.


Reggie's Critique -

very nice dog with good head, neck & shoulders, moved ok, not so mature as 1 (Plaiglen Perhaps at Wadeson)


Thursday 21st August -

We are really fortunate in our area to have quite a few mid week evening shows.  Today it was Frechville (Sheffield) and District open show and judging ESS was Jessica Pretty (Joaldy cockers).  We were last in the ring and were quite happy about this when the heaven's opened just as judging began.  The poor pointer exhibitors were completely soaked to the skin.  Fortunately by our turn in the ring the skies had cleared and the sun was shining.  Although the entry wasn't huge it was a quality one so I was very pleased indeed to pick up another point in Reggie's Junior class, he then went on to be placed 2nd in both Post Graduate and Open.


Sunday 17th August -

A really early start for the long journey to Wales for WKC Championship show.  With me in the driving seat for a change giving Trudy a break.  I must remember to check the venue before offering to drive in the future - ha ha  Judging today was breed specialist Dave Mitchell (Peasblossom).  Reggie was in a strong Junior class and was placed 4th, I was quite pleased with this considering the other dogs in the class and he did move well so that's all I could have asked from him.  We then entered the Special Beginners stakes and from 21 dogs Reggie made the cut of 12, although he was placed it was nice to have at least made the cut, an achievement in itself in stakes classes.



Saturday 18th August -

After a few weeks off I was almost running into the ring today.  That was of course after dodging the cow patts in the field where we were parked.


Ashbourne Shire Horse Show was one of Dudley's first shows last year so I though it would be nice to take him back a year on, with Reggie in toe of course!  The entry was much bigger than last year, it's nice to see at least some open shows are being supported.  Reggie won his Junior class, Trudy and I then had a bit of swopping about to do as Reggie and Dudley were both entered in Post Graduate and Open.  In Post Graduate Reggie was 3rd and Dudley 4th, I was very surprised for Reggie to also be placed 4th in Open as it was quite a strong class.  Thanks Trudy for handling Dudley, he can be a bit of an arse can't he!!!!



Sunday 21st September -

A long journey for an open show to Crewe for Stoke on Trent Gundog under Miss D Smillie (Oakberrow).  On paper the entry looked quite good and I was hopeful of picking up at least one point.  Unfortunately due to absentees it was not to be even with Dudley entered to make up the numbers.  The ring was tiny and Reg on usual small ring form didn't put on his best performance, he needs room to move and drive and this cannot be achieved in the tiny rings some societies give our breed.  He was placed 1st in both J and PG and then 2nd in O, he was however RBOB.


Saturday 20th September -

A dog show with no mud and sunshine this can't be right!  Today we were just up the road at Driffield Championship show, sadly our breed had no tickets but the entry was not too bad.  Judge today was Jonathan Daltry.  Reggie (still on the hunt for JW points) was entered in JD and YD.  He went really well and won his JD class, unfortunately there were only 2 in the class so no points, he was then placed 2nd in YD.


Reggies's Critique -

good neck & shoulders, certainly motored around the ring really using his hocks & holding a strong outline, in good coat & condition. A touch strong in head


Sunday 14th September -

Another very muddy day, British weather - marvellous!!!!  However this time at Darlington show and the muddy was very smelly and we are sure there was pooh of some description mixed in - yuk!!!!!!


Judge today was Dolores Dineen from Rep. of Ireland.  Reggie went really well and I was more than pleased to be placed third in a strong JD class.


Sunday 7th September -

Mud, mud, glorious mud was the order of the day and blimey there was lots to go around at Losley Park for Richmond Championship show.  As many of the car park areas had been churned up on previous days it took over an hour to actually get into the show.  Judging was delayed as even our judge Kay Woodward (Wadeson) couldn't get into the show ground.  We ended up inside and the wet weather ring wasn't huge and a tad boggy in places.  


Reggie was very nervous and obviously unhappy about the muddy conditions, I made the mistake of keeping him on the bench right up until judging to keep him clean.  He wouldn't move and I literally had to drag him around the ring, another lesson learned.  He was placed 3rd in JD and 3rd again in YD.


Rats (Peasblossom Butterfly) was awarded the RBCC so it made the day well worth while and Trudy and I had a scream, even when she split her trousers.  Went in our van as we had a fair idea the conditions would be quite muddy and a good job as we ended up having to be towed off the car park by a tractor.  Despite all of this we didn't stop laughing all day.