Saturday 31st January -

Today saw a "Sprocker" day out when we travelled to Stafford Show Ground with our friends Kate (Trentshome) and Louise (Lochranza/Jayzander) in what has affectionately been named by Kate the "Condom Waggon" - (ask me at a show and I'll elaborate).


Our breed judge today was Sharon Littlechild (Ravenset) and I was a tad disappointed when Babs was placed 3rd in Post Graduate. This judge, only last year loved Babs and awarded her 2nd in Junior behind Plaiglen Perhaps at Wadeson and then despite stiff competition from the PG and Open winners RBOB.  I must find some pics of Babs from around this time and just see what has changed so much.  Perhaps a leg has dropped off and I've failed to notice.


Disappointment then turned to dispair when I took Reggie in to Open.  Now Reg is a powerful boy, he really strides out and has a powerful drive.  After moving him the judge asked me to "move him again and slow him up a bit", I did as asked and Reg proceeded to pace around the ring as predicted - now if a judge cannot assess an exhibit which is moving at a natural pace what are they doing judging said breed!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps the fact that they only had 6 exhibits from 3 exhibitors answers this question.  I would have been more than happy to move him again for her to get her "eye in" but come on, asking a exhibitor to hold a dog back is not going to help you assess their movement.   Reg was finally placed 2nd which I can accept as he gave a lot a way on age.


The day was not without it's rewards though.  Kate's girl Grace was RBOB and Louise picked up BOB, BPIB, G2 and Puppy G2 - well done the cockers, and thanks for an entertaining day.


Sunday 25th January -

Today saw a trip out to Knutsford for the Lancs. & Cheshire ESS Open show under judge Rita Rawding (Dukedel).  Reggie performed well and won his Yearling Dog class, I did say I would give him a break after gaining his JW, however while he's still doing well it seems a shame to pull him, perhaps he may have a rest later in the year - we'll see.  He's really bodying up and the improvement in him is remarkable, if I do say so myself he's looking the best he ever has at the moment.


Gracie was placed 3rd in Junior and Novice and Babs was Reserve in Yearling Bitch.  Babs is on a strict diet which she is not impressed with at all, she's such a greedy piggy and lives for dinner time - poor girl.  Gracie is still leaning a bit which makes her look like a rocking horse when she's stacked, she's a proper madam but hopefully she'll grow out of it.


Really enjoyed today's show club show's are always good fun and today was no exception.


Reggie's Critique - Well chiselled head, good reach of neck into well laid shoulders, good depth & bend of stifle, nicely presented in good coat. Level topline on the move.



Sunday 18th January -

Manchester the first Championship show of the year for us and not a bad start under judge Bunty Fryer.  Reggie won his Yearling class, and for the first time stood in the dog line up at a Champ show, bit different from last year at Manchester when he was binned.  


Gracie was placed VHC in her first ever Junior class, very much the baby of the group having only turned a year old less than a week earlier so I was pleased that she stood her ground with the big girls.  


Babs was 2nd in her Yearling class and I have to say I was a little disappointed, however she is a tad overweight at the moment.   Babs is a bit like me, she only has to look at food to pile of the pounds and unfortunately it's a constant battle to try and maintain a decent weight with her, it doesn't help that she is a bit of a couch potato and needs a rocket up her bum sometimes to run around and exercise.


Just a quick rant, if one more person asks about her tail I promise I will scream!!!!!!  The hair just doesn't grow, I haven't stripped it, it hasn't been injured it's just one of those odd things in life.  We've tried everything, lotions, potions, creams, shampoos, food supplements, so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.  I sincerely hope she won't be faulted for this as I'd much rather have a baldy tail then other faults such as light eyes, bad feet, upright shoulders etc....., and although it does to a degree spoil the overall picture she is still a quality bitch.


Reggie's Critque - Masculine head with correct eye and expression good length of neck into shoulders nicely bodied with pleasing outline


Babs's Critique - Lovely headed bitch nice eye and expression deep. Well ribbed body well placed shoulders but carrying far too much

weight and not in good coat. Moved ok.


Sunday 4th January -

Well guys we've all made it through Christmas and New Year!!!!!!


I don't know if it's a New Year's Resolution that I've not been told about but for our first outing of 2009 we were joined by my Husband Paul he doesn't join me for many shows so it was nice to have a trip out together!!!!  


Just a local jaunt down to Newark for Dukeries (Notts) Gundog show under Jackie Mitchell (Peasblossom).  Gracie performed well in her last ever puppy class but wasn't placed - ney mind we still love her to bits.  Reggie faired a little better in his last ever Junior class and was placed a very respectable 2nd which I was pleased with.  We were thrilled for Trudy as both Jack and Tippi won their classes, whey hey, what a start to the year, even though this resulted in me having to handle Jack "in-a-box" in the challenge.


A very cold start to the showing year but enjoyable none the less


Saturday 21st February -

A really really early start for the trip to the Southern ESS Society Championship show under judge Kerry Simpson.  With believe it or not nine ESS between us - are we crackers?????


Reggie went well in his Yearling class and was placed 3rd which is where I think he should have been so I was pleased with this.  The girls unfortunately didn't fair as well in their Junior and Yearling classes, Gracie did manage a 4th in Novice so I was pleased with that and both of them performed well and did all I could wish of them.


All three today underwent their annual eye tests under the KC/BVA eye testing scheme and all passed with flying colours.  We also have now decided on suitors for our girls for their forthcoming litters.  More information regarding this will be placed on our "puppy page" when dates etc. have been firmed up.  However I must admit I am sooooooooo excited and so hope for a lovely girl to campaign in 2010.



Sunday 22nd March 2009 -

Well no show news to report we are currently having a well earned break for a few weeks and the dogs are enjoying a little time to get dirty and not being on the table or in the bath every five minutes.


Thankfully the girls have now both finished their seasons - what a nightmare that was!!!!  My poor boys were besides themselves and we really must think of a better solution next time otherwise our neighbours might just hang us.



Saturday 7th March -

After a week of trimming, stripping, grooming and bathing the day finally dawned.  CRUFTS the highlight of the showing year, the Judge today being Mrs Jan Wood.  Reggie, Babs and Gracie had all qualified to compete so with a van full we started the journey to the NEC at 4am (Stupid O'Clock).


We arrived in plenty of time which meant we didn't have to battle through the crowds to get to our benches and managed to get set up in time for a quick wander around before starting the last minute preparations.  Shock horror (quite literally) when I removed Reggie's coat to find he looked like he's had his paw in an electric socket.  After trying every lotion and potion in my show bag I finally resorted to good ole spit to flatten it down which worked remarkably well - lol  


Reggie was entered into Yearling dog and it was a quality entry, looking at the catalogue I was hopeful that he would at least be in the cards.  Well, firstly I went wrong in the ring, performing a triangle rather than up and back which was really embarrassing, I think nerves just the better of me and I wasn't fully switched on.  After apologising profusely to the Judge for being a complete muppet, Reggie and I did manage an up and back  unfortunately I think Reggie picked up on my tension and decided to jump around like a fool on the way back to the judge, kindly the judge asked us to go again and he strode out like a trooper.  I was totally thrilled when he was pulled out 1st, I don't think it's really sunk in yet.  I'm very proud of Roo Roo even though he can be a total pain in the bum.


It was then the turn of the girls who didn't let the side down both being placed VHC in their respective classes.  Gracie in Special Puppy moved really nicely for me and didn't lean for a change.  I was delighted with Babs in her Yearling class as she has taken a little while to get her head around showing after her break last year.


I eventually got home at around 9pm after a very long, and tiring day.  But hey all three in the cards at Crufts soon made the ache in my limbs pale into insignificance.


Thank you to everyone for your congratulations - needless to say Reggie will not be having his planned "break" anytime soon.  


We are busy completing health checks on all of our dogs and once we have done this (within the next 4-6 weeks) Reggie will be available at stud to approved bitches.  If you are interested in using him please e-mail us.


Reggie's Critique - another with correct head & earset, good lay of shoulder & desired upper arm angulation, correct bone & good body, strong quarters. in super condition; moved well in profile;



Saturday 1st March -

Just a short trip up the road today to Chesterfield for the Midlands ESS Society Open Show under Judge Mr Philip Young.


Reggie continued his winning ways and won his Yearling Dog class, and Babs now getting back into the swing of showing was a very nice 2nd in her Yearling Bitch Class.


Congrats to Trudy as Gus was awarded BPIS - what a clever boy he is xxxxxx


Reggie's Critique - Correct size, good body properties, head OK, moved and showed very well.


Babs's Critique - Tri colour of different type to 1st pleasing head and eye good neck nice bone preferred feet of 1st.