Sunday 27th January -

Lancs & Cheshire ESS Club Open show and Reggie's first breed show.  Judge today was Julia Grant (Canouan).  Reggie was his usual naughty self but did us proud being placed 2nd in Minor Puppy Dog and then winning both Novice Dog and Special Beginners Dog


"Just six months dog, with good shaped head, and almond shaped eye of good colour. Immature as yet but has good bone and depth, well up to size, a little unsteady on the move but has time on his side.  Excellent presentation." - Julia Grant (Canouan)



Saturday 19th January  -

Babs and Reggie made their Championship Show debut  at Manchester under Wendy Minshull (Sidelock).  Babs was placed 2nd in Minor Puppy Bitch qualifying for Crufts 2009 at her first ever show we were delighted.


Saturday 23rd February -

We travelled south to the Southern ESS Society Championship show where the judge was Yvonne Billows (Robil).  Reggie again was quite naughty and excitable but did manage a 2nd place in Minor Puppy Dog, meaning now both our youngsters are qualified for Crufts 2009, he was also placed 2nd in Maiden Dog and excelled himself by winning the Novice Dog class.  Babs also had a good day being placed 3rd in a quality Minor Puppy Bitch class.  All in all a lovely day, the venue, atmosphere and show were all first class.


"Balanced young dog with excellent bone and substance. Would prefer more definition to head.  Needs time to tighten up and develop his first and second thigh muscles. He clearly enjoyed moving around the ring, but didn’t really make the best of himself." - Yvonne Billows (Robil)



Sunday 17th  February -

Leicestershire Gundogs and one of the rare occasions that Dudley had a run out.  It was Dud's last Junior class and he was placed a very respectable 4th under Margaret Allard (Dralla), in a very strong class.  I was absolutely thrilled and very proud of my boy.

Reggie also had did us proud gaining a 2nd in AV Gundog Minor Puppy from a class of nine, the judge was Fiona McKinley (Colona).


Sunday 16th March -

Worksop & District Canine Society Open show, a local show for us.  Babs showed her socks off in ESS Junior under Sharon Littlechild (Ravenset) and was placed 2nd.  The winning dog in Junior went on to take BOB and BPIB therefore Babs was called back in to challenge for RBOB and without hesitation the judge pulled her out, I was delighted.  As with many Open shows there was no puppy class in our breed so Reggie was entered into AV Gundog Puppy.  He did very well indeed gaining a 2nd under the same judge.  Babs then did it again and was placed 1st in AV Gundog Junior. What a lovely day!


Saturday 26th April –

An early start to travel down to the Three Counties Showground and WELKS, we have named this time “stupid o’clock” as for many of the General Championship shows this is the time we need to start our journey.  Judge today was Jane Cule (Mordax).  Reggie was a bit of a pain today and decided he would like to go around the ring like a hound (nose to the floor), it was however one of his first times on grass and the smells were just irresistible to him.  He was however placed a very nice 3rd in Puppy Dog. Babs went really well for me and was placed 4th in a very strong Puppy Bitch class.



Sunday 20th April –

A trip to the Sports Connection at Coventry for the United Spaniel Open show where the breed judge was Christine House (Gleadsbury).  It was a great day, I always enjoy the sub-group shows it’s lovely to see all the different spaniels under one roof.  The only downside was the tiny ring which made moving very difficult as soon as you had got onto a stride is was a turn, this was rather unsettling for the youngsters.  Reggie and Babs both won their Puppy classes and therefore had to go head to head for Best Puppy in Breed.  Reggie took it and I was thrilled, thanks to Lucy Adoo for handling Reggie for me.  



Sunday 13th April –

We travelled just up the road to Goole Open show under breed specialist judge Geoff Cunliffe (Fallenleaf).  The weather was terrible and after stewarding in one of the outside rings I spent the rest of the day rather soggy.  Reggie was placed 2nd in ESS Junior, and then went on to take 1st in AV Gundog Puppy under Glenn Miller (Graftonbury).  It was really Reggie’s day as he then continued the winning streak by taking another 1st in AV Puppy under the BIS judge from Japan.  Babs also had a good day although I think she was a little tired from the day before!  She was placed 3rd in ESS Post Graduate, followed by 2nd in AV Gundog Junior and also 2nd in AV Puppy Stakes.  We travelled home very tired and also very, very wet indeed.



Saturday 12th April –

English Springer Spaniel Club Championship show, the judge was breed specialist Alan Bower (Bowswood).  This was a fantastic show, the venue was great and the atmosphere was brilliant.  Reggie was placed a very respectable 2nd in his first Puppy class.  Babs also went really well gaining 4th places in both Puppy Bitch and Novice Bitch in classes of seven and nine respectively.


Reggie’s Critique –

Mature puppy, good reach of neck, level topline, strong hindquarters, good bone and feet. Shown in good condition, moved well. – Alan Bower (Bowswood)



Sunday 6th April -

Lancs. & Cheshire ESS Club Championship show and the judge was Frances Nelson from the USA.  Reggie went really well today and I couldn’t have asked for more.  He was placed 2nd in Minor Puppy Dog and then went on to win 1st place in both Novice Dog and Special Beginners Dog.  The day then just got better and better.  Babs was placed 1st in Puppy Bitch and Special Beginners Bitch then went on to gain 3rd places in both Maiden Bitch and Novice Bitch.  The highlight of the day was Babs being awarded Best Puppy Bitch, it looks like she’s on a bit of a winning streak.


Friday 30th May -

A very early start and long journey south to Southern Counties where the judge was Robin Sadler (Closebride).  Reggie went well and I must admit I was a little disappointed with his 3rd place in the Puppy Dog class.   Babs was in her first Junior Bitch class and looked very much the youngster, she did show her socks off but up against some tough competition she was unplaced.  Despite this I was very pleased with her and she definitely showed some attitude today.


Sunday 25th May -

Back from a most enjoyable and relaxing holiday. Shock horror however when the dogs arrived home from kennels.  How on earth I’m going to get Reggie and Babs back into their show suits ready for Southern Counties in five days time I’ll never know.  Reggie looks just like a woolly bear!!


Sunday 11th May -

No shows for a couple of weeks whilst we’re away in Sunny Spain and the kids visit their friends Pip and Co at Burton Kennels.  I’ll miss them like mad but must admit I’m ready for a bit of down time.


Thursday 8th May -

Birmingham National held at Stafford and another 5.30am start – are we mad?  Today’s judge was David Shields (Wilholme).  Reggie went really well and was placed 2nd in his Puppy class.  Babs seemed a little more unsettled than usual today but did move OK was placed 2nd in her very last Puppy Bitch class and then 4th in Novice Bitch.  I then had both Reggie and Babs entered in the Pro Plan Puppy Stakes in the respective Dog and Bitch classes, Reggie decided to be a bit of a pratt and proceeded to bound around the rather large ring like a kangaroo, something he hadn’t done for quite some time, Babs also didn’t really put a deal of effort in and they were both quite rightly binned – lol.  It was however a really nice show and the weather held out which made it all the better.  I think we’re all about ready for a holiday after quite a busy few weeks!!


Reggie’s Critique -

Flashy youngster of good size, nicely balanced throughout, presents a very pleasing outline, well off for bone, nicely rounded quarters, moved soundly.


Babs’s Critique -

Good size & nicely balanced throughout, short coupled with good depth of body, well rounded quarters, moved. well.


Sunday 4th May –

Well what an experience today was!!  We travelled just up the road to Selby Canine Society Open Show.  As it was local I decided in my infinite wisdom to take all three, all entered in every possible class they could be – NEVER AGAIN!!!!!


The breed judge was Neil Woods (Helenwood) Reggie was entered in Puppy and was placed a very respectable 3rd he went really well considering we were in a small ring which he doesn’t seem to like.  Babs was up next entered in Junior, in the rush to get into the class I made the mistake of putting the chain lead I use for Reggie onto Babs she strongly objected and went around the ring with her chin clamped to her chest, I wasn’t at all surprised when she wasn’t placed.  Dudley was entered into Post Graduate and I was thrilled with his 4th place, judging by the way he jumped around doing his Zebedee impression Dudley was quite pleased too.


Neil was also judging the AV Gundog classes where Reggie was 1st in Puppy, Babs was 2nd in Junior and Dudley was 4th in Post graduate.  I had to have a giggle when Neil commented that I perhaps shouldn’t be so hard on Reggie when stacking him – if only he’d seem him a few weeks ago!!!!


As we were out for the full day I’d also entered the AV classes under the BIS judge.  I was over the moon when Reggie pulled out the stops and paraded around the ring like a trooper to take 1st place in the Puppy Stakes also winning £10.00 – big bonus.  Babs was entered in AV Novice and I again was delighted with her 2nd place behind a lovely Cocker Spaniel who was 6 months older.  Dudley was last up entered in AV Post Graduate he didn’t let the side down and was placed 3rd all in all a really nice but very tiring day.


Sunday 22nd June -

After drying out from the previous day we travelled up North to the same venue as the Northern ESS Championship show for the North of England Spaniel Show.  The judge today was breed specialist Anthony Allen (Allenie).  I was thrilled to bits when Reggie was placed 2nd in his Junior class also taking BPIB.  Babs was entered into Post Graduate and was placed 2nd which I was pleased with as she moved and stacked up really well.  Reggie was also entered in AV Puppy and AV Puppy Stakes in which he was placed 2nd in both classes, this of course prevented him from challenging for BPIS, however we were pleased with our day.


Saturday 21st June -

This is the show that no-one will ever forget, Blackpool 2008.


Fortunately the weather held out just enough for the Puppy Dog class to be judged outside our judge today being Frank Kane.  Reggie is always much better in a big ring for some reason he’s started to be a bit of an arse when there isn’t a lot of room.  He went really well and was placed 2nd I was really pleased with this.  By the time Babs went into her Junior Bitch class the heavens had opened and the rain was torrential, judging had sensibly moved inside.  She went OK and was placed 3rd which I felt quite happy with.  By the time we were ready for leaving the weather was awful we travelled home absolutely dripping wet through!!!  


Reggie’s Critique -

I I months, well boned but rather narrow & lacks chest.  Masculine head, good rear angles but needs more shoulder layback.  Used his rear well


Sunday 8th June -

What a lovely day at the Northern ESS Society Championship show.  The venue was marvellous and the weather was super, although during the afternoon became rather too hot for the dogs in the ring and we had to shelter under the gazebo.  Today’s judge was breed specialist Diane Conrad (Gunn) (Strathnaver).  I was once again really pleased with Reggie’s 2nd places in both Junior Dog and Special Beginners Dog he seems to be maturing quite nicely now and it would appear he has grown out of his puppy antics (or has he)!  Babs was placed 4th in Special Beginners Bitch but seemed rather unsettled today and not really on her best form.


Reggie’s Critique -

Another nice youngster with plenty to like but preferred head of winner (Trinitas Newky Brown of Meadowdale) and is lacking rib at the moment.


Saturday 7th June -

Beverley & District Canine Society quite local so I decided to give Dudley a run out, so it was Mummy and her boys for the day.  The weather wasn’t too great and there were no wet weather facilities so most of the day was spent under the umbrella.  The rain did however hold off whilst judging which was a blessing.  Reggie was on form and was placed 2nd in ESS Junior and then 1st in AV Gundog Puppy, Dudley was the start of the day winning both his ESS and AV Post Graduate classes.  He hasn’t however got the confidence he once had so perhaps he might start making more of an appearance at shows.