Saturday 30th January -

We are delighted to announce the arrival of Gracie and Jack's babies.  Seven in total, five boys (1 B&W, 4 L&W) and two girls (1 B&W, 1 L&W).  Gracie is proving to be a fantastic mother and they are all doing very well indeed.  Pictures have been added to the litter page.


Monday 25th January -

Yesterday I travelled to Manchester Championship show and must admit I felt completely lost as I was "dogless".  Trudy was judging and as we are friends and travel together I thought it best not to enter, I would have loved to have exhibited under her as she is one of the people in the breed who's opinion I very much respect and value - however I guess it's the old "politics" again.  Never mind, it was a lovely entry and I very much enjoyed watching all of the judging without having to dash off to get ready to go in myself.


It was also an opportunity to do some last minute shopping for our impending arrivals and also catch up with friends and have a good ole natter.


Gracie continues to do well, although I'm sure she will not whelp, she'll simply explode, she really is enormous.  Babs is too starting to show signs of her pregnancy although as usual is in every way much more discreet that Gracie.  Everything is now in place and I guess it's just a case of waiting and the twice daily ritual of chasing Gracie around the kitchen trying to get the thermometer up her bum - what a total performance, must put a Digital Ear Thermometer on my "wish list"


Monday 11th January -

Well we made it through another Christmas and entered the New Year having eaten and drunk far too much.  Hope all our doggy friends too had a lovely festive season.


No show news to report we missed our first scheduled show of the year due to the weather which was rather disappointing but sensible!!!!


We do have some fabulous news however, Babs went for her scan yesterday and despite us thinking there was no possible way she was in whelp she surprised us when at least six puppies showed up on the monitor.


We will almost definately Progesterone test again in the future.  We did this time with both our girls and have had two successful matings.  It just takes out the guess work when it comes to when to mate and it's certainly worked for us.


You can see details of both our expected litters on their own pages.




Saturday 27th February -

Today we travelled way down south to the Southern ESS Society Championship show, I must admit this is one of my favourite shows of the year and of course the day we all get to see our fabulous yearbook.  I was really ready to get back in the ring having had a few weeks off and thankfully Reggie seemed to be too.


I was delighted when Reggie was placed 2nd in his first ever Limit class, with him doing so well towards the end of last year I was really hopefully the rollercoaster wasn't going to be taking a dip and my Roo Roo once again did me proud in some very good company.


The puppies continue to thrive and today begins the messy task of weaning Gracie's litter - baby wipes at the ready and lots of them!!!!!


Saturday 20th February -

Nothing much happening really other than watching the puppies grow stronger and bigger every day.  My girls have been super and I'm so very proud of them both.  Another week or so and the work will really begin when weaning begins on Gracie's litter, I'm just enjoying the calm before the storm, so to speak.  Added a few more pics to Gracie's litter page and up dated the Dwarf's Diary.  Need to start on Reggie today the massive furr ball who by next week will (hopefully) be in full show jacket for the Southern ESS Champ Show.


Monday 15th February -

Great news, Babs's puppies have arrived, like Gracie she simply couldn't wait until a Monday when Mummy was supposed to be at work so she delivered a little early on Saturday.  What sweet girls I have timing their whelpings over a weekend.


Things didn't go quite a smoothly as with Gracie but Mother and babies are all doing well.  More news and pics to follow soon on what we have named our "Valentines".


I can't believe we nicknamed Gracie's babies the Dwarfs - they're are simply enormous and getting stronger (and nosier) by the day.  Gracie continues to be a fantastic Mother, very attentive and gentle.


Saturday 6th February -

Well the puppies are now a little over a week old and blimey are they piling on the pounds (well ounces really)!!!  Gracie is still being a very good Mum which makes life so much easier.  


Shock horror struck yesterday when I realised it's only five weeks to Crufts, decided I simply must bath Reggie and at least start thinking about getting him back into "show condition" - I think this may take some time - lol, exploded mattress doesn't even come near.


Babs is looking rather matronly now, she seems to have hidden her pregnancy well right up to the past week where a distinct waddle has developed.


New puppy pics added to the litter page


Saturday 27th March -

The Dwarfs have now started leaving for their new homes and things are very slowing starting to return to some kind of normality at the Waterswarren household.  Very strange mind how Paul has been working away for three weeks solid - lol x


Today we made the mammoth trip to Scotland for the ESS Club of Scotlands Championship show, Reggie was 3rd in Limit the judge being Diane Scott  


Saturday 20th March -

Not a great deal to report really, the puppies continue to thrive and we are pleased that we have some fabulous homes for Gracie's pups who start to leave next week, pictures of the final line-up have been added to the litter page


Sunday 14th March -

Well what a weekend!!!!!!!!!


On Saturday Paul, Reggie and I travelled to Crufts to man the ESS booth on Discover Dogs for the day.  It was a long tiring day not only for us but Reggie too but we thoroughly enjoyed being able to talk dogs all day to a totally captive audience.


Sunday was Gundog day and I have to admit I was rather daunted at the prospect of taking Reg into Limit Dog.  It was a strong class with some really nice dogs to compete against.  Reggie was a bit of a git on the move but did enough to win the class against some stiff competive - pleased doesn't even come close, (pic added to Reggie's Gallery courtesy of Steve Walker (thanks again)).  Two Crufts and two class wins - you really got something to do next year Roo Roo!!!!!!!!!!!


Gracie and Babs's puppies continue to do well and I can't believe it's only a couple of weeks when the Dwarfs will be leaving to start their new lives.  It will be very bitter sweet.


Saturday 6th March -

Just a short trip up the road today to Newark for Wath, West Melton open show, no breed classes so Reggie was entered in AVNSC Gundog Open under Irene Glen


I was really pleased with his performance and delighted he was placed 2nd behind a Sh Ch Spinone who was rather lovely


Sunday 11th April -

A trip to Tomlinsons for the English Springer Spaniel Club Championship show with just Reggie in toe as the girls take a break following their maternity duties.  Today's judge was breed specialist John Palmer (Roandew) and Reggie was placed a very respectable 2nd in the Mid Limit Class.


A lovely day although unfortunately not lovely enough to be judged outside (well we can't have it all can we).  It was nice to watch the judging and catch up with friends.


Sunday 4th April -

Across country to Crewe for the Lancashire & Cheshire ESS Championship show today under judge Don Miller.  Reggie was 4th in Limit.


Thanks to the committee for a lovely day and especially the Easter Eggs - yum yum


Saturday 3rd April -

Where on earth is the year going???  I struggle to believe it's Easter weekend already - OMG!!!!!


Today was a journey south to Wickford, Basildon & District C.S. the only difference being it was today me who was standing in the middle of the ring.  I would like to thank so deeply my friends in the breed for a lovely entry and also giving me the opportunity to go over their dogs.


I was delighted that both my BOB and BPIB went on the take group placings under breed specialist Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale) - I thoroughly relished the experience and although a very long day it was very enjoyable.