Gracie Litter 2010

The Dwarfs

Rianlas in the Black at Beresford

Dexbenella Gracie May for Waterswarren

SH CH Calmolly Peter Piper

Thankerton Barista

Petranella Deal or No Deal

Graftonbury Delta Inuit at Dexbenella

Telcharnor Simple Simon

Calmolly Aphrodite Dazzler

SH CH Wadeson Inspector Wexford

Thankerton Espresso

SH CH Petranella Perfick JW


Petranella Tickle Me Fancy

Mompesson Flash Back from Amichien

Calmolly Jemima Puddleduck at Graftonbury

Wayforme Sparkie

SH CH Beaters Brigadoon

Shelian American Rhapsody from Calmolly

SH CH Speeton Seafarer

Eastriding Apollo

Wadeson Ruth Rendell

Calvdale Jail Sentence at Thankerton

Graftonbury Navahoe at Dexbenella JW

Petranella Count Me In

SH CH Mompesson Royal Destiny

Petranella Maria Pia

Clanach Crown Destiny

(Imp Aus)

Mompesson Remembrance

Telcharnor Simple Simon

Calmolly Aphrodite Dazzler

Telcharnor Charlie Brown

jack Gracie ESSC Champ April 2009

Rianlas in the Black at


Dexbenella Gracie May for Waterswarren

Our plans for this litter began in January 2009 and despite a bit of a false start with Gracie missing on her last season we are pleased to confirm that she delivered seven healthy chunky puppies on 29th January 2010.  We have nicknamed this litter the Dwarfs as there are seven of them!!!  Sorry best I could come up with at 4am - lol


All puppies from this litter are now placed with new families



Litter pedigree and photographs can be viewed below

Jack & Gracie Litter Pedigree

Litter Pictures

Well time has passed so quickly and it's almost time for some of the Dwarfs to leave us to begin their new lives with their new families - here's the final line-up


We are so pleased with this litter, Gracie has been fabulous and we have seven beautiful chunky healthy puppies

Arthur Head 2

Waterswarren Back to Black

AKA Arthur

Waterswarren We Go Together

AKA Bentley

Bailey Head 1

Waterswarren We Are Family

AKA Benson

Benson Head 1

Waterswarren Wipeout

AKA Casper

Casper Head 2 Casper Head 2

Waterswarren Worth The Wait

AKA Martha

Martha Head 1

Waterswarren Winter Warmer

AKA Molly

Martha Head 1 Molly Head 2

Waterswarren Wigan Pier

AKA Ralph

Ralph Head 1