Benson came to us in 2003 from a family with young children who could no longer cope with a young active "working type" ESS.  Why these people don't do their homework and fully research the breed is beyond me, but sadly there are many cases like this.  


Me forever the sucker for those big brown eyes (well yellow in his case - lol) could not leave him in his present circumstances.  His stay initially was to be a temporary one, he was with us however for over 3 years, until a home more suited to him was found.


He had been used to living outside, was drastically underweight and having been teased by children from a young age was rather "guardy" with his possessions.


However after lots of love, affection, food and training he became a wonderful chap to have around.


He now lives with a fantastic family in a one dog environment which is really what he needed.  I believe he's even attended a couple of comapnion shows.


Ben was my first ever dog, having previously only owned bitches.  He taught me a lot, not only how forgiving dogs can be but also regarding training methods and their application.


Won't forget you "Benny Boy" xx