My parents were on holiday and by chance I found my self driving past the boarding kennels where her two cockers were staying, so me being me I called in to check how they were.  After being reassured they were fine, I was about to leave when a little face caught my eye.  


A young liver and white working type ESS with a melting expression, which I instantly fell in love with.  The kennels were also a rescue centre and with my heart thumping in my chest I enquired as to whether this particular dog was boarding.  I was told she was a 3 year old, spayed bitch and had been put into rescue the day before due to a marriage breakdown, she was looking for her “forever home”.  Well I think you can safely say she had found it and after the introductions, paperwork etc… she was in the car on the way home with me.  When we arrived home she promptly chased the cat straight through the hall into to the living room, over the armchair ending up sitting in the window sill.  I was in love………………………..


Since that day in 1997 many things in my life have changed but there has always been one constant and that is Chip, we’ve been through so much together and have managed to come out the other side older and wiser.  Chip excelled as a gundog, enjoyed her one and only dog show but more important than that has always been there for me to unload onto.  


She really is my “Brown Eyed Girl”!!!!!!!!!!!


Chip sadly passed to Rainbow Bridge on 4th December 2008