Saturday 25th April 2009 -

Today we travelled to Markfield, Leicestershire for the English Springer Spaniel Club Championship show under Ann Corbett (Trimere).  The venue at Tomlinsons was purpose built for canine events and was suberb, a shame the same couldn't be said about the weather in the morning.  At least we managed to get out for the bitch judging.


Reggie entered in Yearling was placed second and I cannot but admit I was a tad disappointed.  I very much respect Ann's opinion and feel I know what let him down, but that doesn't alter the fact that I had hoped for a 1st - ney mind. Gracie was my saving "Grace" of the day being placed 2nd in Junior, 3rd in Novice and 2nd in Under Grad.  This young lady is certainly starting to bloom and I am so pleased she is finally starting to be noticed.


The day was made even more special by Trudy's boy Gus who just over 12 months gained the final points for his Junior Warrant by winning three classes, then went on the take the Reserve Dog Ticket and RBIS - what a star - a very proud moment - that Trudy decided to celebrate by flashing.  Thank god he didn't go Best in Show as god only knows how she would have topped that.


I today also took my KC Hands on Assessment and thankfully passed so I now officially know a dog's head from it's arse - I even have a certificate to prove it!!!!!


Pics of the day added to Reggie's and Gracie's photo galleries


Reggie's Critique - Very eyecatching dog that takes your eye when he enters the ring.  He is in super coat and condtion which is a credit to his owner.  Not a lot wrong with his body and framework, he needs to settle on the move and be a little more positive with his foot placings.  His head is out of proportion and unbalanced for me.  Shown in super coat and condition.


Gracie's Critique - Very nice tri with lots of scope.  She needs time to fill into herself to finish the picture.  Her construction is good both ends and her balance is correct.  In good condition and she moved steadily.



Saturday 18th April 2009 -

After getting up at some ungodly hour by 4.30am we were on the road for a 400 mile round trip to Wales for the ESS Club of Wales Open Show.  We didn't have to travel quite as far as the judge for today though who was Stig Arne Kjellvold from Westaway Kennels in Norway.  It was a lovely show at a good venue with nice facilities and catering.  Thankfully the weather had picked up too and we actually saw the sun!!!!!!!!!!!  Although the entry was OK it could have been much better when you look however many dogs we have in the breed.  It's such a shame some breed club shows are not better supported, the committee's work really hard putting on these shows and if we don't enter how long will it be before finances force them to make cut backs?  Especially when they make the effort to bring in judges from overseas.


I was really pleased with our placings today.  Of course it's nice to walk away with a win but provided the dogs in front of you are quality everyone should be able to take the judges decision with good spirit and sportsmanship.


Reggie was entered in Yearling Dog and (despite stopping halfway around the ring for what seemed like the biggest wee ever, much to everyone's amusement) went really well for me being placed 2nd behind the dog that was eventually awarded BD and BIS.  Gracie was next up entered into Junior Bitch and she did me proud being placed 2nd behind the lovely Trimere Tantrums and Tiaras.  Gracie seems to be maturing into a young lady now rather than a gangly teenager.  She's bodying up and we really hope this litter will benefit her in mind and body.  Babs (my little sweetheart) was entered into Yearling Bitch and we had another 2nd this time behind Trimere Thrills N Frills.  Babs is started to come into herself now and is looking better everyday.  We have therefore decided to "hang fire" with a litter from her at least until the end of the year.  Hopefully throughout the summer I can enjoy showing her and actually get her on the radar.  Great news too - she has hair on her tail !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I didn't even need any super glue.


Reggie's Critique - Flashy dog of quality.  Liked him for overall shape and style.  Beautiful, masculine head.  Eyes shall still darken a shade.  Nicely arched neck, but somewhat upright in shoulder and upper arm, which makes an abrupt division to his top line at the point of his withers and a little unstable front movement.  This may, alas, improve with development of his chest and muscles.  Great hindquarters and turn of stifle.  Wonderful coat.  


Gracie's Critique - Up to size, but well proportioned, makes a beautiful picture standing.  Another well sculpted and balanced head.  Beautiful neck leading into nicely constructed front.  Development of chest as expected for her class.  Level top line.  Good width over her bum and she has super hindquarters.  Just wish she had shown a touch more animation, which would have completed the picture.  


Babs's Critique - Bigger bitch, but again everything in proportion.  Beautiful head, only a fraction broad in skull.  Slightly steep in shoulder, but good length and return of upper arm.  Deep, well developed chest.  Broad thighs and well bent stifle.  A fraction high on hocks.  Would like to see more animation on the move



Sunday 12th April 2009 -

Another local open show this time at Goole & District CS under breed specialist Helen Cokell (Carlyquinn).  I was delighted with Babs's 2nd in Graduate and I must admit a tad disappointed for Reg who was placed 3rd in Open. He did however give away quite a lot in age compared to the rest of the class.



Friday 10th April 2009 -

I haven't been to a general open show for what seems like forever so I was quite looking forward to the "cow sheds" at Newark Showground - bit sad I know - lol  Today it was Eastwood KA show under breed specialist Jo Cunliffe (Fallenleaf) who drew an entry of 21 which is really good for an open show in our area. I had only entered Reggie who went really well in his SY class and was placed 2nd behind Gus.  Big Congrats to Gus and Trudy for BPIB Gus's last show as a Puppy, he's a big boy now!!!!



Sunday 5th April 2009 -

A couple of hours journey today took us to Crewe and the Lancashire & Cheshire ESS Club Championship show under Val Lockhart.


Reggie continued his winning ways being placed 1st in Yearling Dog, he was however a little naughty and decided to perform a little dance before moving beautifully like we know he can.  He's been a really good boy recently too, I think he sometimes just likes to keep me on my toes.


Gracie did us proud today being placed 3rd in Junior bitch.  I was delighted to have qualified her so early in the year, as we can now concentrate on her forthcoming litter with no pressure.  She is growing into a beautiful bitch, and I feel she will benefit so much from a litter.   She is a tad bolchy and can be a little miss bossy boots when the mood takes her, she is rather amusing though and I really like my girls to have attitude.


Least said about Babs the better!!!!!!!  She was in fine form, her diet has paid dividends and after hours of work on her coat this week she was gleaming in the ring.  She moved free and with drive and for a change stood rock solid for me.  After her nice VHC at Crufts I had hoped the tide had turned for her - sadly not the case, in fact I can't even bring myself to put into print her place!!!!  Gutted says it all


Reggie's Critique - A lovely dog full of quality, has not reached full maturity as yet, but has all the qualities to reach top honours good quarters and moved well.


Friday 15th May 2009 -

Well what a day!!!!  Reg, Babs and I left home at 3.00am in the pouring rain for the long trip to Edinburgh for the Scottish Kennel Club Championship show under judge Mr R Cross.  When we arrived we were notified of a judge change and we were now being judged by Mrs W Cross.  We already knew through the grapevine that this was likely but it's a bit naughty that the society did not publish this information either on their website, on Fosse data or in the canine press.


Both dogs were entered into Post Graduate there being no Yearling classes scheduled.  They both moved well and did everything that was asked of them and then they were both duly binned!!!!!!!!!  I really don't think that Reg deserved this and in my opinion really should have been in the cards.  A song springs to mind "Sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air"


We arrived home a little after 10.00pm the highlight of the trip being the KFC at Gretna services on the way home.



Friday 8th May 2009 -

We travelled to Stafford Showground today for Birmingham National Dog Show, today's judge being George Clarke (Reulemill).  I had only entered Reg today giving the girls a day off at home to keep Dudley company.  Reg was placed 4th in GD.  Big congrats to Helen for her RBCC with Jessica (Reg's half sister) and especially to Chris for Bosley's (Gracie's Grandsire) third and crowning CC.


We currently are aware of a two and a half year old Show type ESS dog who is looking for a fantastic pet home.  Ideally experienced dog owners  with at least one party being home the majority of the time.  He would be perfect as a companion for a bitch but would not be suitable to live with another male dog.  If anyone would be interested please e-mail us for further details.



Sunday 3rd May 2009 -

A short trip for me and the "Three Amigos" to Selby today under judge Malcolm Leeming (Tryhard)


Judging started at 9.30am and we were second in the ring behind Boxers, I was home by 12.30pm - nuff said me thinks!!!!!!!!!


Sunday 28th June 2009 -

A quick 20 minutes down the road for Crowle Agricultural Show and the first year for a long while they have held an open show.  It was nice to see a good entry in our breed.  In this area we are being dropped of so many schedules it's unreal.


Gracie delighted me by winning her Junior class in good company.  I was also very pleased with Reggie who was placed 2nd in Open.


All in all a pretty good showing weekend which has given us a much needed boost!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday 27th June 2009 -

A day at the seaside (well almost) for Blackpool Championship show with today's judge being Valerie Foss.


Reggie seems to have got his head back around this showing malarky and drove around the ring like I know he can.  I was happy with his 2nd place in Graduate.  


Judging unfortunately moved inside for the bitches even though the shower past quite quickly and the weather improved.  Babs was unplaced in Post Graduate and I was disappointed as I thought she would have at least have been in the cards.  Never mind she showed well for me and did everything that was asked of her - I can't ask for more than that.



Sunday 14th June 2009 -

Despite the weather forecast being dire we today travelled to Hurworth for the Northern ESS Society Championship show, todays judge being Judith Hancock from the famous Hawkhill kennels.


Fortunately the Met Office were once again way off with their predictions and we arrived to glorious sunshine which remained until about 30 minutes after the BIS had been announced.  This show must be blessed.


Reg was placed 3rd in GD.  He really was not himself today, (perhaps due to the heat) and I feel he didn't do himself justice.  I was hoping a few weeks break would leave him gagging for it, unfortunately this has had the opposite effect and he's now a couch potato.


Gracie put in a nice performance and won her UGB class with which I was very pleased.  My highlight of the day however being Babs gaining 2nd in GB.


This is one of my favourite shows of the year and today was no exception.  The venue is superb and the committee all work very hard to provide a first class show.