From being a small child I have always had a love of nature and animals whether they have two, four, or no legs, be them furry, feathered or hairy.  My Mother's great love is Cocker Spaniels and growing up we always had at least one or two dogs as pets.  Together with rabbits, horses, tortoises, budgies, mice, hamsters etc......... I guess you get the picture!!


I never feel as though home is home without a dog, so shortly after moving to my own house Chip arrived.  


Fortunately when I met Paul, he was given Chip's seal of approval so we decided he could stay.  Paul's family had previously owned a Springer X, "Jasper" and Paul too has a great love of dogs.


Paul and I married in 2007 and live with our gang of Springers in a village in Lincolnshire, along with three cats, a parrot and a goldfish - lol  We do say any more additions to the menagerie and we will start to charge an admission fee.


We kind of fell into showing by accident as many people do.  Dudley arrived with us in 2006 as a pet and company for Chip, to socialise him we took him to a local dog club, not realising what "ringcraft" meant!  Very soon the bug had bitten and the canine population of the Warrener household began to increase.


We have enjoyed some success in the ring but most of all our dogs are our pets and companions.  We wouldn't change them for the world.


We have learnt so much in such a short space of time and been very fortunate in the dogs that have been made available to us.  We still have lots to learn and are so grateful we have people to guide us in the right direction.


Big big thanks has to go to all who have helped us (you know who you are without me listing you all).  We have received such a warm welcome into the breed and hope someday we have the opportunity to repay you all for everything you have done.


Vicky xx