A Puppy From Us


So you want a puppy?  Firstly please ask yourself a few questions?


Have you researched your chosen breed?

Do you have the time, money and patience that a new puppy will demand?

Do you have other pets or children to consider when deciding on your new addition?

Do you work or are you away from home for several hours every day?

Have you considered where your puppy will stay if/when you go on holiday?

Have you a secure garden for exercising your puppy?  

If not do you have facilities locally to you for this purpose?


These are the questions we will ask you before we consider you as a new puppy owner


Every single puppy we breed is special to us and it is our responsibility and duty to ensure our puppies receive the best possible life they can, with loving caring owners


For more information regarding ESS please visit the Southern ESS Society website


If you wish to enquire regarding a Waterswarren puppy please in the first instance e-mail us