Welcome 2015 and a very "Happy New Year" to all our readers and visitors to our site, we hope will be a good year.


Christmas passed in a blurr of runny noses, coughs and of course puppies, we did however managed to have some quallity time with friends and family which is what this time of year is all about.


The puppies are growing so fast and are coming on famously.  I always find it amazing how they can change so quickly from little fluffy masses that squeak and wiggle to mini versions of what they will eventually become in adulthood.  We are delighted that most of the puppies have now been reserved by lovely families and it seems such a short time before they will be leaving to their new homes and beginning their life adventure.  You can see updated photographs of our current puppies by clicking the "Current Litters" link.


We now face the daunting task of turning the adult dogs back in to show dogs.  We took a little time off from the show ring towards the end of 2014 in readiness for our new arrivals so what faces us is somewhat of a daunting task.  We do look forward though with some optimism and are looking forward to getting back out there.


Well the eve of Manchester Show and our first show fail of the year.  Think puppies and Christmas had finally caught up with me as I found myself feeling terrible and the thought of attending a dog show did nothing to make me feel better so it was a no go.  Lovely to see our good friends do so well though and very disappointing not to be their to share in the congratulations and celebrations.


Three of the puppies have now left us to begin the next part of their lives with their new owners we wish Waterswarren Wake Up Call (Flossie), Waterswarren Weatherbomb (Milo) and Waterswarren Willow (Pippa) all the very best in their new homes and we are sure they will bring much love and joy to their new families.  It's always bittersweet saying goodbye thrilled they have such lovely families to share their lives with but a little sad as during the short time they are with us they have such a massive impact on our lives.  It is always lovely to see photographs and news updates on how they are doing and we are blessed that many of our families stay in touch and visit us regularly.


We have also made the decision who is to stay and welcome Waterswarren Wish List aka Coda a tri bitch (another tri must be mad) and Waterswarren Wet N Windy aka Gail a L&W bitch.  We are delighted with this entire litter, which at this early stage seem to have given us exactly what we feel we needed to go forward.  Scary though when we realise these puppies are the Great Grandchildren of our foundation bitch Babs.  Where does the time go????


February saw the last of the puppies leave for their new home Waterswarren Weekender (Bonzo) I'm sure will have a fabulous time with his new family.  In addition to their love of ESS, his family share another of our loves as they too have a caravan.


The end of February saw us set up our holiday home for the coming season fully dog friendly and we're looking forward to some great times over the next eight months.  Some sunshine would be nice too.


No show news as another fail resulted in us being unable to attend the Southern ESS Society Championship Show a real disappointment but sadly unavoidable.


On to the month that is firmly marked in any dog lovers calendar as it's the month in which the spectacular event of Crufts takes place.


A full team made the journey and I was delighted to have the opportunity to once again take Reggie (Cepen Changing Places at Waterswarren JW) in the ring, I oew a great debt of gratitude to Lynsay for entering him and also for presenting him beautifully.  Despite it being a while since he was shown he didn't put a foot wrong and although not placed in a strong Veteran class I was thrilled to bits with his performance.


Sadly the other team members faired no better and only Babs was placed in Veteran Bitch.  We enjoyed meeting with friends though and it's always lovely when an unexpected puppy owner seeks us out to say hello.  A very, very long and rather disappointing day only made better by the long weekend away at the caravan that followed.

April & May

As you've probably realised by the show news or lack of such, we're taking a bit of a step back from the show ring.  


We will still venture out from time to time but after several years of heavily campaigning our dogs we've decided to enjoy the other aspects of dog ownership such as brisk country walks, relaxing on a sunny beach and rambling through the woodlands rather than spending our weekends travelling the country and appearing in the show ring.


May saw yet another disappoitnting fail when we were unable to attend SKC but it was unavoidable.


Our newest edition Waterswarren Wish List (Coda) did however make her show debut in May at just 6 months and 12 hours old.  She has had minimal show training but managed to put in a good performance and qualified for Crufts 2016 (which was the ultimate aim of the day) at Southern Counties under first time judge Jonathan Daltry.  


June already, where is this year going????


With almost a full team we attended the Northern ESS Society Championship Show with Richard Bott awarding tickets in the breed for the first time.


Lynsay had kindly brough Reggie (C. Changing Places with W. JW) for me to show.  Still can't believe he's in Veteran where he was placed 3rd.  It was lovely to have three generations together Reggie, his son Charlie, and his daughter Lily.  Sadly it was such a busy day and the weather being dire we missed the opportunity for a family photo.


Charlie as usual showed his socks off and seemed to benefit from a little time out as he really enjoyed doing what he does best, "showing off".  He was placed a very respectable 3rd in Limit Dog and I was delighted with the comments regarding my boy.  He has taken time and I feel he is still to reach his full potential.  


Minor Puppy Bitch saw two Waterswarrens' in the cards.  W. Water Lily (W. Willy Wonka x W. Whitewash), owner by dear friend Trudy Topliss qualified first time out with 2nd in a very strong class, with W. Wish List taking 5th.  In PG Bitch W. Worth A Tri matched her daughters' place also taking 5th spot.


All the girls at Waterswarren (including me), seem to be suffering from slightly expanded waistbands which I know is doing my older girls no favours at the moment.  I'm of course assuming the comment "fat bitch" was when referring to Millie and not me, but you never know!!!!  We're on it and will be hopefully showing a more "slimline" version in the near future.  Well Millie and Trinny will, can't make any promises regarding me (ha ha).

July - December

Before we knew it it was the end of the year?!?!?!  Where did 2015 go????


The most memorable event in 2015 was me commencing a new job which resulted in the dogs having to take a bit of a back seat for a few months.  It's a move I don't regret but sadly it did mean the few shows we had entered we failed to make it to which is becoming much of a habit.


I had the pleasure of judging the special award classes at the ESS Club Open Show and thank the exhibiters who entered under me, it's dammed hard chipping away at those numbers and I very much appreciate those who supported me.


We are glad that we've secured the caravan seasonal pitch for a further year so are very much looking forward to setting it all back up again for some more fabulous adventures.  Anyone in a multiple dog household will know how very dificult it can be to get away.  We now have the best of both worlds, we can have a bit of R&R and the dogs can come along for the ride.


I'm sure they enjoy running on the beach and rambling through the North York Moors much more than running around the show ring, I know of late I do :-)


We have no expectations for the New Year only that we will enjoy are dogs in whichever way, whether it be exhibiting or sharing our chips with them on a sunny East Coast beach